Cover art for the program book for Arisia, science fiction convention where I was Artist Guest of Honor, Jan. 13-15, 2006.

Arisia is in Boston - one of my favorite cities for many personal reasons.  I have a lot of family history there (my grandmother and my uncle and aunt and their family still live there).  My grandfather, Lien-Sheng Yang, was the first full-professor at Harvard who was Chinese (he was in the Chinese history department).  My mom went to what-was Cambridge High and Latin.  My father and mom my met while he was grad student at Harvard and she was an undergrad at what-was Radcliffe.  My brother went to Harvard for his undergrad and grad school (in decision sciences).  And all this was before I won a Hugo in Boston in 2004.

The Arisia program book cover art celebrates Boston in a way only a giant monster can: by destroying it.  Here were see Faneuil Hall in flames, with the dragon - who's wearing a British redcoat outfit with tri-corner hat - collecting various statues from Boston and surrounds (can you name them?).  

For this convention, Christopher J. Garcia wrote an article about me for the program book.