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Windswept Lady

By Frank Wu


(sound effect of locomotive engine starting to move out, then railroad whistle which bleeds into plaintive guitar intro)

I am sorry

That I didn't stay

You see you're in my heart

But you're in my way

I will write you

Every day

Even if I

Have nothing to say.


chorus (faster):

I can't send my letters

I can't send my letters

I can't send my letters - for crap.

Where's her address? Her address!  Her address!

I don't know!

Where's her address? Her address! Her address!

I don't know!


(slow again)

Have you been a

Windswept Lady

Waving Goodbye

As the train pulled out of sight.


Sitting on the bed now

Listen to the sea

Search for the moon

But it's blocked by the trees.


(repeat chorus and verses, music fades down, leaving only voice, which disappears into sound of wind)


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