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Image (c) 2001 Frank Wu

A friend of mine, Kevin O'Connell, likes to call this piece, "A Cubicle of One's Own," which I think is really cute.

COMMENTS. Some of these are from the Elfwood art gallery, where this work is posted.

From Heather E. Caulberg, (Click here to visit!) 12/14/98: *LAUGHING* Oh, I love it! Not just for the fabulous colors and great shading effects, but because I work in an office, and TOTALLY know the feeling... oh, this is hilarious! Faboo awards to you.

From hai g34 12/14/98: man, if you think office work is bad, be grateful you don't work in retail! :) this is superbly done. who knew the rat races would involve so little running?

From wolf13 1/29/99: oh, this is just great. it's hilarious. i love it!

From DigitalUnderclass 2/26/99: I really dig the subtle details in this - like the hamster-wheel/Clock and the fingers in the pencil can. I'm a college student, and this pic pretty much sums up how I feel about going out and joining "the workforce" after I graduate. I don't care whether or not art pays good, it still beats the hell outta ending up like this guy. Wonder if he's got mechanical legs? ;) Stay sharp, suckas...

From Frank Wu 3/6/99: Hey, Digital, thanks for the comments. About the mechanical legs: The cool thing about Babylon 5 is the way its creator, Michael Straszinski ties together all these things that seem to be throwaways - even before your comment I was thinking that perhaps these rats had mechanical legs - specially the mechanical legs in the "Indifference" illustration. You see, they don't want to go to work, but their mechanical legs carry them ineluctably to the office every day where they're tortured. Well, in a month or so, I may get around to actually doing the illo so you have some idea what I'm talkin' about.

From Maria 'Jade' William, (Click here to visit!) 3/18/99: tell me about it. i'm living it right now. =/ great picture. i love the colors.

From Kerry Porter, (Click here to visit!) 3/19/99: Wow, I found this by hitting the random pic thingy...and I'm really impressed. It seems to me the Sci-Fi artist area of Elfwood holds much better artwork than the fantasy gallery...great wotk! The colors are amazing!

From Vorgen 4/13/99: this is a great pic, I love it! But I can't figure out why it showed up under the erotic fantasies section. Unless the coder for the Zone is seriously kinky. This is gotta be a classic. You should sell this.

From Vincent Bach 5/20/99: Hey Hey Hey... I liked that one... It's very nice... You have managed the Color-Thing very nicely... BRAVO!!!! :)

From Scott J. Promish, (Click here to visit!) 5/31/99: This is very cool...I can relate.

From Greg 6/3/99: Hey, it's my boss! lol, great work! Perfect depiction of office life!

From John Teall, (Click here to visit!) 6/5/99: i never worked in a cubicle farm except for a little while in the air force. knew a guy who kept a jar full of fingers next to his model building work in progress though.

From 420 Man 6/20/99: That familiar thought in the back of my head every week has now been put down on paper. If not the same idea I had, this is great. I love it.

From Deryal B. 6/25/99: "When the rat races get too much.." Heh. ;)

From Dee 7/6/99: Hey, do you work for an airline? This is how I feel when my shift ends.

From Anonymous 7/8/99: I'm... TRAPPED!! TRAPPEDLIKEARAT!

From Kravin 11/12/99: Umm... the extra digits in the mug?

From Hacker B4 5/27/00: Boy, I hate my job 2.

From Maldavis 6/1/00: Was a hard day, eh?

From Moonlight Princess 6/22/00: The details are greatly shown here I love the way it shows the artist's emotions at the time of making the picture...^_~

From Robyn Petrik 6/23/00: *scratches head* Where have I seen this before?? *ponders* OH YES!!! All six finals I had in the gym in the past three days!! Well, I like it (the piccie). You totally captured the feeling of work and stress. Great details!

From Socar Myles 8/3/00: This picture rules! We need more rat pictures on Elfwood! The expression on his face is priceless. Reminds me of work. I work in a brothel--we do nothing most of the time, except sit in our little back room with laptops, books, television, et cetera, and drive each other bananas. I feel just like that guy at the end of the day.

From Freebird Kiwi Bee 12/3/00: This is me sometimes when I get writer's block. It just must be. Definietely.

From Antaeus 12/21/00: woah, dude, that is one cool pic. I wonder about the fingers in the mug though... oh wow, i just noticed that the halogen in the back left of the pic bears a striking resemblance to the one in my room...wierd

From just Pierce McDowell 12/26/00: I like the implied monitor with the glow on the rat's face. It's nifty. It's really real-AAAHHH! Fingers! Now that's weird.

From Aaron Weaver 5/20/01: Cool picture. Throat-choking tie, crappy air, too cold/hot, noisy neighbors. Lurking threat of termination. Eyesight stealing monitors. Waiting for the time of release. And that's on the good days. You got it down in spades.


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