T-shirt design for Speculations.com

Images (c) 2002 Frank Wu

This is a design called, simply, "Dragon" for the T-shirt for Speculations, which is both a semi-pro magazine and website, run by Kent Brewster for sci-fi and fantasy writers.  Speculations is regularly nominated for the Hugo Award for best semi-prozine.  The Speculations Rumormill is their on-line newsgroup, which I frequent many times daily. 

This design and others by Frank Wu are available on T-shirts, etc. at Cafepress.com. This one is available at cost!

I should also thank Lisa Bartsch, water-colorist/painter, who kindly allowed me to use her image of a little girl as the basis for the kid in this image.  Thanks, Lisa.

This piece won a ribbon for best Humor in the Pro category at the Astronomicon '02 science fiction convention in Rochester, NY.

One last note: There are two versions of this piece out there.  One has the quotation on the screen as above.  The other version says:


It was a

a dark

and stormy


With the intentional typo, which most people don't catch.