"Welcome Aboard," cover for the humorous inflight magazine for Interaction, the 2005  Worldcon in Glasgow.

This work is now in the collection of the Science Fiction Museum in Seattle.

This is one of the new illos in the special, limited Super-Luxury edition of Greetings from Lake Wu  from Traife Buffet, where it is accompanied by a brand-new story by Jay Lake.

It has been noted that the SECC (Scottish Expo Centre), nicknamed the "Armadillo," looks like a spaceship.  So... some of the folks helping run the worldcon, chiefly Guy Lillian III, Kevin Standlee and Cheryl Morgan (in no particular order), conceived ION TRAILS, a fictitious inflight magazine for the spaceship, dubbed the WSFS Armadillo (WSFS for both White Star Federated Spacelines and the World Science Fiction Society, which oversees the worldcon).  

Here's what the final cover looks like: