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Illustration for the story by S.C. Bryce in Fantastic Stories magazine, Spring 2001.  In this tale, Jesus is cloned from chips of dried blood from the Shroud of Turin; the story focuses on the controversy surrounding this event. 

As I discussed in my interview with Artist Interviews magazine, this is the only piece I've received hate mail about.  I described some of my thoughts as I did this piece, as I am a Christian.  Read the interview here.

An enlarged montage below shows some of the protestors and picket signs:

I did a second illustration for this story, which emphasizes the biotechnical implements that might have been used in the cloning process:

From bottom to top, the illo shows: hydrophobicity plots of receptor proteins (these looks like EKG of heart beats, but aren't - rather they show regions of hydrophilic and hydrophobic amino acids within a protein); various ribbon structures of assorted proteins; baby Jesus' head is replaced by an enveloped virus encircled by a plasmid (ring of DNA); the halo around the Mother Mary's head is the Krebs cycle, which describes the biochemical steps in generating energy from sugar; Pipetman P200 pipetters, used for dispensing small quantities (e.g., 20 microliters to 200 microliters of liquid - the size of a raindrop); and behind the pipetters are two "footprinting" gels which show a protein binding to DNA.  The protein used in making the gel is pi, the replication initiator protein for bacterial plasmid R6K.  This gel, which was actually produced by post-doc Igor Levchenko in our laboratory - run by Dr. Marcin Filutowicz at Univ. Wisconsin-Madison - was used as a small piece of my Ph. D. thesis project on control of DNA replication in bacteria.\