Illo for "The Passing of the Guests" - a sequel to the previous image, "The Courtesy of Guests."  This is for the collection - of my art and Jay Lake's stories - entitled Greetings from Lake Wu, to be published by Wheatland Press.  

The book is set to be released in October at the World Fantasy Convention in D.C. but is available for pre-order from Wheatland Press.

The book will also be sold in a special very limited (26 copies!) Box of Wonders edition in a handmade wooden box, with the book, a set of color prints of the illos, a bag of tchotchkes (hand-picked from fossils, crystals, coins, medallions and other cool little bits), the only copy of a one-off story by Jay about a letter from the alphabet, and an accompanying one-of-a-kind illo by me.



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Image (c) 2003 Frank Wu