acrylic and oil on canvas

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For the story "Silence Before Starlight" by Carrie Vaughn for Talebones issue no. 23, Dec. 2001.

Many things to be said about this piece.  

The story itself is about an astronaut so enthralled with a spacebabe - who may or may not be real - that he ponders taking off his faceplate to kiss her.   In a way, then, this piece is a cautionary tale about losing your self-control to desire.  And I paraphase the Proverbs: "Don't lust in your heart after the beauty of the immoral woman, or let her captivate you with her eyes.  For she will reduce you to poverty and prey upon your very life.  Can a man scoop fire into his lap without burning his clothes?"  End of sermon.

As for the medium, it is acrylics, with some oils in the moon in the foreground - Europa.  Europa was done in a style imitating Jackson Pollock's splatter paintings, which style best captured the rumpled texture of Europa's icy covering.  Detail of Europa:


Detail of the space couple:

  This original piece of artwork, a 18 x 24 in. acrylic painting, is available for the paltry sum of $700.  Please contact me for details.

Images (c) 2001 Frank Wu