Illustration for the story "Stored Dreams" by Mark Fewell, for Fantastic Stories magazine, Summer 2003.  The story is about an unhappy man who wanders into a bookstore where all the books are books of dreams... his dreams.

This illustration is one of four for Fantastic, which when combined form a larger picture:

Here is another illo I did for this story.  Unfortunately, this illo was not actually printed in the issue (presumably for budgetary reasons), but I post it here for your viewing pleasure:

The folks in these illos are science fiction writers themselves.  The woman is Lori Ann White, who was a Writers of the Future winner and has also had stories in the last year in both Asimov's and Analog (the latter co-authored with Ken Wharton).  She's also a martial arts expert and is finishing up a novel that takes place during the Chinese Boxer Rebellion.  The man is her husband, Gary Shockley, who was also a Writer of the Future (and whose story, "The Disambiguation of Captain Shroud", remains one of my all-time favorites).  He had a cover story in Fantasy and Science Fiction, "The Lightning Bug Wars," April 2003. 


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Image (c) 2003 Frank Wu