2004 Hugo Award - Best Fan Artist Nominees

The nominees are...  Brad W. Foster - Teddy Harvia - Sue Mason - Steve Stiles - Frank Wu 

This Hugo Award will be given out at Noreascon over Labor Day in Boston, MA.

Brad Foster email

"Hi! I've been in sf fandom for too long to remember, and it's nice to find a home for all my odd little drawings and characters. I've always felt the beauty of fandom is we all do this for the fun of it. Not that I turn down the chance to make a buck off my art if I can, but I've been amazed all these years at how simply doing something I like - weird little drawings - and sending them to the editors of some wonderful fanzines, they actually print those drawings, and then send me free copies of the zines to read and enjoy! For a voracious reader who usually haunts the one dollar bins at the halfprice bookstore for his reading, getting free reading material that I enjoy so much is like ... well, like getting free reading material!

"I'm afraid that, unlike the other computer-savvy artists here, I've no website to direct you to just now... but just you wait, I'll catch up to the 20th century one of these days! In the meantime, I hope these few samples I've had to mail the old fashioned way to Frank to scan and put up will do."

This is Brad's sixteenth (!) nomination for this award; he has won five times.

Teddy Harvia website email

(From his cartoon bio sketch from Boskone 36 - click here to see the images that go with the words): 

"His amusing family ensured that humor entered his life at an early age. Before drawing animals, he briefly thought of becoming a vet... He discovered science fiction via Saturday matinees and TV. ... Hes a self-taught artist who never quite learned his lesson. ... He was born in Oklahoma but grew up to be a Texan with an attitude. ... He slogged the jungles of S.E. Asia for a year learning about life. ... He discovered first SF literature and then conventions in his 20s. Teddy Harvia is an anagram of David Thayer and other names... His huge library contains hundreds of picture books for reference. ... He has a fondness for drawing long-nosed anteaters. Living with cats gives the felines in his art a sharp, biting edge. He regularly collaborates with artist friend Peggy Ranson. Hes contributed illos and cartoons to hundreds of fan publications. After day-dreaming for years, he married a! down-to-earth Diana. He owns the largest private collection of postcards in the world. Away from SF, to make a living, he writes and edits technical manuals."

This is also Teddy's sixteenth (!)  nomination for this award; he has won four times.

Sue Mason website email

"I've been in fandom for 20 years and produce b&w linework for fanzines all over the world, cartoons and fantasy and yet more of those over-fed cats (I have a *very* good model to work from!)"

Sue - whos based in Cheshire in the UK - also produces and sells among other things, pyrographed and colored wood. In this process, designs are burned onto pieces of shaped wood, which are then acrylic-painted and varnished. Her pyrographed art includes plaques (large and small!), book ends, boxes, clocks, bowls, platters and mirrors.

Some of the plaques picture well-fed housecats and have such slogans as: "Tresspassers will be shed upon". Another plaque has the line: "Beware of dragon." Sues also done a lot of black and white line art for the fanzine Plotka.

This is Sue's fourth nomination for this award - she won at Torcon.

Steve Stiles

Steve writes: "I first began cartooning for fanzines in 1957, and (hopefully) began getting halfway decent by the early '60s: some of my work in this period can now be seen (plug, plug) in the recently released The Best of Xero (edited by Pat and Dick Lupoff, Tachyon Press).

"In over four decades I've continued to draw and write for fanzines of every kind and description, as well as publishing some myself. In 1968 I won TAFF (TransAtlantic Fan Fund) and in 1998 I copped the first Bill Rotsler Award -which was a thrill because of the admiration and liking I had for Bill. I've also been nominated for a few Fan Art Hugos now and again, which is why you're reading this.

"Fan art helped prepare me for a 17 year run as a freelancer. To check that out, see Lambiek.net."

This is Steve's fourth nomination for this award - the previous two were last year, and in 1967 and 1968!

Frank Wu website email

"I am truly honored to be nominated in this category. I will try to carry this honor with grace and dignity, which means to me doing as much good art as I can. A Hugo nomination is a love letter from the fans, and my artwork is my love letter back to you.

In the last year I've had a chance to do work for a number of different fanzines, small press and semi-pro magazines, including Emerald City, Challenger, Nth Degree, Talebones, Fantastic Stories, and Darkling Plain.  I've also done fan art for the San Diego Westercon bid and BASFA (the bay area SF assoc.). I also had a chance to see my work in a collection of stories by Jay Lake, to be called Greetings from Lake Wu.  All this stuff has been seen in over a dozen art shows at various sci-fi cons around the country.

Please visit my website at frankwu.com; for me there's no bigger thrill than creating something new and wondrous with paint and showing off my wacky visions to new visitors.  Thanks for dropping by!"

This is Frank's third nomination for this award. 



In 2002 one of the nominees was Sheryl Birkhead, and here is a little something on her art!

Sheryl Birkhead website email

"Teddy has a site that lists them all [all the nominees], I believe-- I have them the old-fashioned way-- on paper- but hey- now on a floppy!) .  The list reads like a Who's Who in fanartists!. 

"The Lynches MIMOSA kindly created a website for me."

2002 was Sheryl's second nomination for this award.