Illo: Umberto Boccioni, Caricature of a Futurist evening, 1911

"The first Futurist Evening on 12 January 1910, was held, suitably enough, in the tense political atmosphere of Austrian-occupied Trieste. ... It ended in a battle. The notoriety of such Evenings travelled quickly, each new Futurist product was heralded by advertisements which read like sales talk for purgatives. The tension would build up as the news spread that the Futurists were in town. Market stalls would do remarkable last-minute business in fruit and vegetables for use as projectiles. The Futurists themselves made it quite clear that it was trouble they were after, resorting on one occasion to double selling each seat in advance to ensure pandemonium even before the curtain rose." Tisdall and Bozzolla, p. 92.

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