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Image (c) 2001 Frank Wu

The title comes from a quotation, 'Let justice be done, tho' the heavens may fall.' from ancient Greek Aeschylus' Oresteia trilogy. In Aeschylus's plays, the Greek hero Agamemnon comes home from a successful war in Troy, only to be slain in the bathtub by his wife, who had been cheating on him while he was gone. Orestes, Agamemnon's son, takes the law into his own hands and kills his mother for her crime. The Furies, three bitch-women who were the self-appointed Ken Starrs of the day, then proceed to pursue Orestes across the countryside. In the end, Orestes is acquitted by the Gods, and the Furies become the local policewomen. The drawing celebrates all those who are unjustly pursued by the wrong arm of the law-- Jean Valjean, persecuted for years for stealing a loaf of bread to feed his starving family, Dr. Kimball, wrongfully accused of killing his wife, and the robot Adam Link, wrongfuly accused of murdering his creator.

COMMENTS. Some of these are from the Elfwood art gallery, where this work is posted.


From Bucky 2/10/99:

Wickedly cool drawing. I love the robo arm and the expression of fear. The women seem cool, like they're just going about their business.


From phill kass 4/22/99:

I like the grafics and the detail I could do better though


From John Teall, (Click here to visit!) 6/5/99:

sometimes i think popular culture gets so caught up in the romance of gratifying the viscera that its easier to forget the naturalness of consiquences. blinding ourselves to them has something to do with why we fight wars instead of growing gardens...


From Veronika Bergkvist, (Click here to visit!) 7/14/99:

Great, scaring picture!!


From Linnea Draper, (Click here to visit!) 7/15/99:

Truly fascinating piece. I love your words on it, too. They give a lot of explination without taking away from the viewers' own interpretation. *enthusiastic applause*


From Simon Desgrez, (Click here to visit!) 8/12/99:

I like the double light sources with two different colors. I did once (look at my fantasy gallery), but I think you did better. humpf!