Recently we rented The Last Days of Disco. I remember disco.

Americans aren't Americans because we share a common heritage or language or religion. Rather, what defines us as Americans is that we all know the words to the Theme from Gilligan's Island. Indeed, often it is our culture, especially our television and musical culture that unites us--- and divides us. I remember in the late 1970's, when I was in ninth and tenth grade, and America was in the midst of a civil war. Students were divided one against the other, brother against brother, metal head against disco fan. On one side you had the Led Zeppelin / Who / Beatles / Stones / Black Sabbath fans. Poised against them were the Donna Summer / Gloria Gaynor / Bee Gees fans. It was a time of taking no prisoners, sparing no insults, holding no punches. Rallying cries were spray-painted on stop signs and billboards: "Stop Disco! Disco Sucks! Rock Rules!" Bag lunches were crushed underfoot, notebooks dumped on the floor, kids beaten in the hallways. It was all very serious.

Ah, yes, I remember well. I was a double agent in the disco wars. I said I liked the Beatles and the Stones (and I did), but secretly I also liked the BeeGees. I was the perfect double agent, because I didn't dress like either group (I dressed in Caldor mark-down style), so nobody really liked me anyway. I'd tell other kids, "The Bee Gees are really not bad, because it's the only disco music that has any intelligence--- the only dance music that isn't about dance music." Then, when I got threatening looks from other tenth-graders, I'd quickly blurt out, "Hey, I was only joking - really! The Stones are great! Rock rules!"

But, secretly, I listened to the beat. I cared. I knew all the lyrics, including the dumb ones.

Now, with the return of disco in full blossom, I can point rhythmically at the ceiling without fear of retribution. It's even cool now. Unbelievable. Well, I guess if Klingons and humans can learn to be friends in Star Trek, disco fans and disco haters can get along, too.

Below are lyrics to songs whose titles contain the word "boogie". Name the song title (1 pt) and artist (1 pt), for a total of 30 pts. The artist for No. 4 is a freebie. One other thing: Most but not all the songs are disco, but, hey, deal with it.



"I took my baby to the drive-in show.

She turned the speaker down

And then she turned on the radio.

I watched a silent movie, diggin' funky sound."



"All the love in the world can't be gone.

All the need to be loved can't be wrong.

All the records are playing.

And my heart keeps saying..."



"They made him blow a bugle for his Uncle Sam.

It really brought him down because he couldn't jam.

The Captain seemed to understand,

Because the next day the Cap went out and drafted a band,

And now the company jumps when he plays reveille."



Instrumental song by Silver Convention with title repeated ad nauseum



"Ain't no doubt we are here to party...

Come on now, got to get it started...

Dance with the boogie get down..."



"Don't blame it on sunshine.

Don't blame it on moonlight.

Don't blame it on good times..."



"Well, I went out to a party

Just the other night.

I was jammin' to the music.

I was feelin' all right.

I was burnin' up the floor.

Like a disco maniac.

When my woman said,

'Baby, why's your hand behind your back?' "



"I'm here to do whatever I can.

Be it early mornin' late afternoon.

Or at midnight it's never too soon."



"Your eyes are full of hesitation.

Sure makes me wonder

If you know what you're looking for."



"I'd like to see both of us

Fall deeply in love.

I'd like to see you now...

Under the stars above.

Yes I would."



"The situation wrecks me.

I can't stand the way you do it.

Bad girl don't put me through it."



"Get down get down

Get down get down

Get down get down

Get down get down

Get down get down

Get down get down

Get down get down"



"Girl, to be with you is my fav'rite thing uh huh

And I can't wait til I see you again yeah, yeah

I want to put on my my my my my _________.

Just to boogie with you."



"Sometimes I get to thinkin'

There's not enough love and romance

Left in our lives today.

And that's why I'd like to reminisce

And to relive that first feeling of love

And do it all over again."



"If you're thinkin' you're too cool to boogie,

Boy oh boy have I got news for you.

Everybody here tonight was boogie-in'.

Let me tell you you are no exception to the rule.

Git on up on the floor,

Cuz we're gonna ______ till you just can't boogie no more...

Boogie no more...

You can't boogie no more..."


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