My friend, Cristina Strecket, is a big fan of both the Self-Important Blonde One and his old band from the late seventies/early eighties. She asked me to write a trivia quiz about this topic, so here it is. (Crissy also contributed some of the factoids fed into the Automated Trivia Question Generator.)

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1. What Police song, as once estimated by Sting, "has been played over four million times" on American radio, "which is something like twenty-four years of continuous airplay"?


2. Sting's main residence is:

(a) A lighthouse-shaped building in the Tanzania veldt.

(b) An old castle near Newcastle.

(c) A sheep farm in the Fair Isles.

(d) An Arabian horse farm in Ireland.

(e) A 16th century house in Wiltshire, England.


3. Jimi Hendrix

(a) once partially burned a guitar, some of whose parts were salvaged to build Sting's bass.

(b) wrote two songs covered on the Police's first album.

(c) once played in a band with Police drummer Stewart Copeland's father.

(d) was the first black man Sting ever saw.

(e) owned a psychedically-painted 1968 Chrysler Imperial later bought by Sting at an auction.


4. (This question was omitted)


5. With what fashion designer does one of Sting's children share a name?


6. When writing songs, Sting often starts with joke lyrics. What song, in an early incarnation, was entitled "Walking Round the Room"?


7. What Sting solo album is named after a line in a Shakespearean sonnet?


8. Sting's real name is:

(a) Peter David Mercury

(b) Stephen Ignatz Gold

(c) Gordon Matthew Sumner

(d) Michael Lee Blanc

(e) Sting


9. Which of the following is TRUE?

(a) In the fade-out of "Message in a Bottle," the last line is "Sending out an S.O.Blue"

(b) The Police bleached their hair blonde for a Wrigley's chewing gum commercial

(c) Sting's multimedia/merchandising company is called IRS.

(d) The father of Stewart Copeland was a CIA official.

(e) All of the above are true.


10. Which of the following is FALSE?

(a) Sting's agent is Stewart Copeland's brother, a Viet Nam veteran, and an excellent marksman.

(b) Sting was the first British musician to play Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) after the Viet Nam war.

(c) Police guitarist Andy Summers missed a 1981 concert after being bitten on the finger by his mother's terrier.

(d) The title "Ghost in the Machine" is from a book by Hungarian philosopher Arthur Koestler.

(e) All of the above are true.


11. During their first American tour, the Police played a club called Bookie's in Detroit. How many people were in attendance?

(a) 67,000

(b) 2,500

(c) 850

(d) 9


12. What is the name of the character played by Sting in the movie Dune?

(a) Prince Harkonnen

(b) Darth Maul

(c) Feyd

(d) Zantor of the Winged Underpants

(e) Albert Andreas Armadillo


13. What song by the Police has a reference to "Lolita", in which an older man falls in love with a young girl?


14. What song from the Police's "Ghost in the Machine" album was banned by the BBC because it was about "The Troubles" in Ireland?


15. What song (with a grammatically incorrect title) did Sting write as an "antidote" to the answer to question 1?

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