artwork (c) Frank R. Paul estate

Interior art by Frank R. Paul for June 1925 Science and Mechanics, illustrating "Doctor Hackensaw's Secrets: A Journey to the Center of the Earth (Part I)" by Clement Fezandie.  The description of the illo from the story: "... a collection of ice huts which had previously been constructed by a very rapid method, having been made in a mould into which water had been poured and allowed to freeze. On up-ending the mould, the ice-house slid out all ready for occupation. Mr. Sam, the agent, was delighted to see our travelers, and was especially interested in the Doctor's electrical plane, 'The Dart.' "


Also in the June 1925 issue was the ninth and final installment of "The Living Death" by John Martin Leahy.  This is a tale of arctic exploration, horrible bear-men who chop off the heads of their (human) victims.  The explorers also find a cave with an ice-floor, in which lay encased a beautiful but frozen girl.  In the illustration below she is being revived:


The explorers also came across - to their horrible - what they initially thought was a huge white monster.  Then they realized that it was a granite statue of a goddess, forty feet tall.  But headless.  They also discovered that the statue had not had its head broken off - it had been designed and constructed to be headless.  


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