artwork (c) Frank R. Paul estate

Back Cover Art by Frank R. Paul for a 1946 issue of Fantastic Adventures, depicting "Stories of the Stars - Alphecca".

Paul loved his work, as is obvious from his comments published in the August 26, 1938, issue of Family Circle:

"I get a tremendous kick out of my work. When I run into a story so bizarre that it seems to have too much of a muchness, I remind myself that our great-great-grandfathers would have pooh-poohed prophecies of radio, television, and aviation.... One of the things I enjoy about the yarns I illustrate is the ingenious way in which they go from fact to frightfulness without a struggle.... The beauty of a fantasy is that there is no place that the characters can't go.... far be it from me to say that anything is impossible.... Illustrating that sort of thing may not be art, but believe me, I never get bored. And sometimes when I'm absorbed in working out some author's idea, I catch myself thinking that maybe it could happen."

Quoted by Robert Lesser, Pulp Art, 1997, Gramercy Books, p. 28.


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