Am I the Frank Wu you're looking for?


Recently I got an email from a long-lost friend from Madison who was wondering if I was the Frank Wu she thought I was.  I was indeed.  She said she almost didn't write because she wasn't sure.  Which made me wonder how many lost-lost pals I have out there who have stumbled across this site wondering if I was who I am.  Or who I'm not. 

To set the record straight:

I'm not the Frank Wu who writes for AsianWeek and I'm not the Frank Wu who's the first Chinese professor at mostly-African-American Howard University (who, curiously, also used to work for Morrison & Foerster and I got his mail once telling me I was supposed to appear in court the following week - quite a surprise) and I'm not the Frank Wu who's into Fighter Command or the Frank Wu who's the contact for Sun Palace fashion accessories and sunglasses or the Frank Wu at Talent Comm who knows all about internal Z-modem communications programs...

No, I'm not them, or any of the dozens of Frank Wu's spread across the country (Yahoo! tells me there's 16 Frank Wu's in California alone).

Nope. I'm just me.

But, I am the Frank Wu who ...

graduated from St. Ratfield (er, I mean, Stratfield) elementary school in Fairfield, CT, in 1976, where a beautiful young lady named Susan Brown once did one of the nicest things anyone's ever done for me - where are you Susan Brown?...

from Fairfield Jr. High in 1978...

from Andrew Warde H.S. in 1982 and worked stage crew (where are you Gary Rubenstein (I saw you in that movie And God Spoke) and Daniel Cohen - did you fulfill your dream of becoming a neurosurgeon? - and Chris Kielbus and Jeff Wittstein and Geoffrey Weinstein, and Christie Knittel and Diane Sisson and Kathy Georgenson and Karen Hoyland - I never thought of you guys as "the sophomore dingbats" - I always thought you guys were the BEST - and Mr. Smith, where are you? I've been wondering all these years) and the lit mag Reflections (where are you Lin Moore?) and made a fiasco of a Super 8 movie...  Robert Repass, did you ever make it to Hollywood and write scripts like you wanted?  Ellen Falis, what are you doing these days?

from University of Rochester in 1985 with a degree in English lit (though, confession time, I only read about a third of what I was supposed to) and worked on the lit mag Logos (How are you Dr. Devesh Kanjarpane - did you ever finish writing that fantasy novel and you were right all along about that nude picture - and Eileen Brown and Albert Bodamer and Karl Barndt - are you guys still writing poetry and stories? And it was me, after all, who wrote that anonymously published play) and hung with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (Where are you Holly Shinn? How are you Holly Shinn?  Todd Hartman? ) and debated with Richard Todd Howard, the man with three first names (where are you Rich Howard?)... 

from University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1995 (I was there 1988-1995) with a Ph.D. in Bacteriology and hung with IVCF people (How are you doing Beth Johnson? (Beth English) Alyssa Nantt?) ...

and, yes, I am that Frank Wu

who worked for Comp Design in Bridgeport, CT,

Qarles & Brady in Madison (Where are you, Stephanie Baxter?)

Morrison & Foerster in Palo Alto,

and the Frank Wu

who spent a summer in Mexico City in 1985 on a missions trip working with La Primera Iglesia Bautista de Atzcapozalco, and people called me "Paco" (Sloan Cattern, Brian Robinson, Dana Clutter, Sandy, Polly, everybody else - where are you?) 

and had some random madness published in Journal of Irreproducible Results and Annals of Improbable Research. 

That's me.

This is what I look like these days.

So, if I am the Frank Wu you're looking for, please let me.  You can write me at Qarlo999@hotmail.com.  And please don't be offended if I didn't specifically mention you - there are too many people to list, but I remember you all.  Please write.  

But, no, I don't know nuthin' about sellin' no sunglasses.

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