This is the third and final Star Wars trivia quiz I will be posting to celebrate the release of The Phantom Menace. Some of these questions come from the movies, others from peripheral sources like books. Deal with it. 250 pts total.

Have fun.


1a. Who sat next to Luke Skywalker in briefing scene before the Death Star battle in Star Wars? (5 pts)

1b. In that same scene, what is the technical inaccuracy in the computerized plans retrieved from R2-D2? (5 pts)

2. A member of what diminutive race finds Luke's cut-off hand and light saber? (10 pts)

3. What alien, whose species hails from a watery planet, designed the B wing? (10 pts)

4. What's the name of the C-3PO character in the SW spoof Hardware Wars? (10 pts)

5. When was the Boba Fett character first seen by the American public? (10 pts)

6. Whom is this woman (seen here in a scene filmed for but cut from the first SW movie) yelling at? And what does she want? (10 pts)

7. What character, in an early draft version of Star Wars, was a "huge, green-skinned guy with no nose and large gills"? (10 pts)

8. What member of Chewbecca's family shares a nickname with a Simpsons cartoon character? (10 pts)

9. What is scientifically incorrect about Han Solo's boast about the Millenium Falcon's speed in the bar scene in Star Wars? (10 pts)

10. What kind of gas is mined by the Cloud City at Bespin? (10 pts)

11. What does TIE (as in "TIE" fighter) stand for? (10 pts)

12a. What is the fake movie title used by the producers of The Return of the Jedi to deceive fans and keep them away from the filming site? Hint: Answer is NOT Revenge of the Jedi. (5 pts)

12b.What was the made-up slogan for that movie? (5 pts)

13. In the final scene of Star Wars, Han Solo and Luke Skywalker receive medals. But the Wookie doesn't! When was this horrible injustice finally corrected? (10 pts)

14. What is the name of the Star Destroyer that captured Princess Leia in the opening of Star Wars? (10 pts)

15. Who's the only human to fight in and survive the two Death Star battles? (10 pts)

16a. This is an early, rejected design for what ship? (5 pts)

16b. Before the makers of the SW movies settled on a final design for the snowspeeders, an early design incarnation of these vehicles bore a striking resemblance to a portion of what kind of spacecraft? (5 pts)

17a. Who's shorter - Salacious Crumb or Yoda? (5 pts)

17b. Who's taller - R2-D2 or the Ewok Wicket? (5 pts)

18. When is the only time during the SW trilogy that Han Solo uses a light saber - and in what movie? (10 pts)

19a. What do Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Ponda Baba, C-3PO, and the Wampa all have in common? (5 pts)

19b. What do Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and Lobot all have in common? (5 pts).

20a. Who had a hit with a disco version of the SW theme in 1977? (5 pts)

20b. Star Wars was released in May, 1977. How many types of Star Wars action figures were on toystore shelves at Christmastime 1977? (5 pts)

21a. What is the exact familial relationship of Owen Lars to Luke Skywalker? (5 pts)

21b. What last name does Princess Leia get from her adopted family? (5 pts)

22. What Star Wars props were built from British Sterling L2A3 SMG's? (10 pts)

23. What ship's components include horizontal boosters and alluvial dampers? (10 pts)

24. Whose body is crushed under the foot of an Imperial walker? (10 pts)

25. What household item was used to simulate snow for special effects shots on Hoth? (10 pts)


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