Star Wars Trivia Quiz (Answers)

The highest score, 115/250, was achieved by Jeremy Sullivan. Congrats, Jeremy. This was the highest score for a long time, but recently Trevor Stinson scored a 185. Go, Trevor!

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1a. Wedge Antilles.

1b. The superlaser cannon well is really ABOVE the equatorial trench, but in the computerized animation, it is shown WITHIN the equator.

2. Ugnaught.

3. Admiral Ackbar.

4. 4-Q-2.

5. An animated segment in the 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special

6. She is yelling at Luke to slow down his landspeeder as he flies through the streets of Anchorhead. See the script in The Art of Star Wars, pages 19 and 25.

7. Han Solo. See Star Wars: The Annotated Screenplays, ed. L. Bouzereau, p. 46.

8. Chewie's father Attichitcuk ("Itchy"). See Essential Guide to Characters, A. Mangels, p. 30, and the Star Wars Holiday Special. There are pictures of Itchy in Starlog #19, p. 50-53 [this article incorrectly states that Itchy is Chewie's grandpa].

9. Han says, "It's the ship that made the Kessel run in less than twelve parsecs," thus implying that parsecs are units of time when really they are units of distance. (A parsec is the distance that light can travel in one second.  Thus, it is a unit of distance - akin to lightyear, which is not a unit of time but rather the distance light can travel in a year.) For David Gerrold's discussion of this, see Starlogs #16, pp. 56-57, and #19, pp. 32-33.

10. Tibanna gas.

11. Twin Ion Engine.

12a. Blue Harvest.

12b. Horror beyond Imagination.

13. 1997 MTV Movie Awards, wherein Chewbacca (again played by Peter Mayhew) received a Lifetime Achievement Award and a medal from Carrie Fisher.

14. Devastator.

15. Wedge Antilles.

16a. Millenium Falcon. NOT Princess Leia's blockade runner, the rebel corvette Tantive IV. This image is from the book From Star Wars to Indiana Jones: The Best of the Lucasfilm Archives. The story behind the changes in the design of the M.F. is presented on pp. 52-53 of Star Wars: The Annotated Screeplays.

16b. Y-wings. Just compare your the Y-wing nose portion to the toy "Prototype" Snowspeeder. Also see Ralph McQuarrie's pre-production artwork.

17a. Yoda (0.65 meters) is shorter than Salacious Crumb (0.7 meters).

17b. R2-D2 (0.96 meters) is taller than Wicket (0.8 meters). Figures are from The Essential Guide to Characters, p. 16, 35, 184, 191.

18. To slice open the tauntaun in ESB.

19a. They all have an arm (or part thereof) sliced off. (Ponda Baba is the creature wounded by Obi-Wan in the Tatooine cantina.) C-3PO is the only one wacked by a gaffi stick; all the others were wounded by light sabers.

19b. They are all cyborgs - part human, part machine. (Lobot is Lando's assistant on Bespin)

20a. Meco.

20b. Zero. When the movie was first released, nobody thought it would be such a hit. Toymakers realized what was going on too late to make toys for Christmas. So for Christmas, 1977, kids got empty boxes with coupons they could mail in for a set of figures when they became available in spring, 1978.

21a. The answer to this question actually changed since this question was originally posted in May, 1999.  Back then, the answer was: None. They are not related. While Luke calls him "uncle," Owen is not his uncle. Rather, when Luke was an infant, Obi-Wan Kenobi hid him away at his brother Owen's, and had everyone pretend that Owen was Luke's uncle. This information came from Essential Guide to Characters, p. 102.

However, Attack of the Clones makes it clear that Shmi Skywalker, Luke's grandmother, married the father of Owen Lars.  This would make Owen Luke's step-uncle.  Also, neither Episode I nor Episode II have told us that Obi-wan is Owen's brother, so this might not be canon, either.  I guess the lesson here is that, until Episode III comes out, always in flux the Star Wars universe is, difficult to see.

21b. Organa. When she was young, Leia was adopted by the family of Bail Organa of Alderaan. (see Essential Guide to Characters, p. 152). Of course, she adopts the last name Solo when she marries Han.

22. Stormtrooper standard blasters. For a nice article about how the Star Wars hand weapons were built, see Fantastic Films, Aug., 1978, pp. 57-59.

23. Millenium Falcon.

24. Luke's gunner Dack.

25. Baking soda.




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