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23 people sent in guesses. The highest score, 33 out of 40, came from my brother, George Wu.

1. Willie Mays, Mets, 1973, Pleading with umpire in 10th inning. The ump did not concede, but the Mets won in the 12th, anyway.

2. Kirk Gibson, Detroit Tigers, 1984, celebrating his second home run of the day.

3. Harmon Killebrew, Minnesota Twins, 1965: the great slugger caught out between bases.

4. Wade Boggs, Yankees, 1996, riding on police horse during the on-field World Series victory celebration.

5. Don Larsen, Yanks, 1956, a generally mediocre pitcher, finishing his perfect game, the only one ever pitched in the World Series.

6. Willie Mays, Giants, 1954, with his amazing catch, which some consider the greatest catch of all time.

7. Carlton Fisk, BoSox, 1975, pleading with his rocket ball to go fair (it did), thus filling Boston Red Sox fans with all sorts of pride and hope that they would finally win a World Series (they won the game, but lost the Series, of course).

8. Brooks Robinson, Baltimore Orioles, 1970, celebrating Worlds Series victory.

9. Bill Buckner, BoSox, 1986, about to let the ball go between the legs in game 6. Boston lost the game, and later the Series (again).

10. Mickey Owens, B. Dodgers, 1941, dropping Yankee hitter Tommy Henrich's third strike. Yanks won the Series.