Please provide an answer for each of the clues listed below. All the answers rhyme with "Ho Ho." To start you off, correct responses are provided for the first two clues. 30 pts total.



1 Six-inch nails, 3 gold medals: FloJo

2 Jim Morrison ascending: Mojo


3 All you can eat fried clams:

4 Boz Scaggs 1980 hit

5 Stones and Smokey Robinson both went there

6 Stupid bird

7 Dorothy's dog

8 Duncan butterfly or Chinese cellist

9 Florida beach

10 Underwhelming

11 Sign-language gorilla

12 Santa laugh

13 Beach Boys wanna go there

14 Command to stop horse (2X)

15 Rooter

16 Ringo Starr anti-drug song

17 South Norwalk, CT

18 Nuke protester quote: "Hell, no, we ___

19 Ignorant about history

20 Arty place in NYC

21 Conspicuous absentee

22 Sonny

23 Han or Napoleon

24 Tank strategy game

25 Sang "La Bamba"

26 "Crazy" in Spanish

27 Chilean soccer club

28 DS9 constable

29 Yoko

30 Pete Townsend antiperspirant


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