In honor of the opening of spring training for the 1999 baseball season, here is a quiz of trivia related to the National Pasttime in TV and movies. (I thought of waiting until the actual season begins, but I couldn't... I just as I can't wait for the Yanks, now that they have a Rocket in their pocket, to win it all again!)

Have fun.


1. In what stadium did Ferris Bueller watch a ball game during his day off?

2. What actress was originally going to star in "A League of Their Own" but backed out when Madonna was signed?

3. What is the full title of the film, starring James Earl Jones, Billy Dee Williams, and Richard Pryor, which told the story of a black barnstorming baseball team in the late 1930's?

4. In the Abbott & Costello "Who's On First" skit, who are the two baseball players named after days?

5. New Owners I: In what film does an 11-year-old inherit the Minnesota Twins when his grandfather dies?

6. New Owners II: In what film does Esther Williams become the new owner of a baseball team?

7. New Owners III: In what film does the new owner of the Cleveland Indians purposely make her team lose so she can move it to Florida?

8. Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer are leaving a baseball game at what stadium when they are caught in a traffic jam caused by a parade?

9. Last year, Joe DiMaggio filmed a short scene for the baseball movie "The First of May." His previous feature film appearance, also a baseball movie was more than 40 years ago. Name the movie.

10. In "Amazing Grace and Chuck," why does a 12-year-old little league champ refuse to play?

11. What musical featured the song "Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets"?

12. Players with Diseases I: In "Bang the Drum Slowly," of what disease is Robert De Niro dying?

13. Players with Diseases II: In "The Pride of the Yankees," which told the story of Lou Gehrig, who died of, well, Lou Gehrig's disease, who played Babe Ruth?

14. Players with Diseases III: In what film did Anthony Perkins play Jimmy Piersall, who battled mental illness?

15. What baseball memento landed in a junkyard guarded by a ferocious dog known as "The Beast"?

16. What was pitcher Eddie Cicotte's signal to the gamblers that the fix was on to rig the 1919 World Series?

17. What position and for what team did bar owner Sam Malone play?

18. Why does Morris Buttmaker (Jack Warden) take the job of managing the Bad News Bears?

19. Before he became U.S. President, Ronald Reagan the actor played a baseball pitcher named after a different U.S. President. Name the pitcher and the movie.

20. What Yankee rookie, who appeared out of nowhere to hit an astonishing number of home runs at the end of the 1998 season, was compared to Roy Hobbs, hero of "The Natural"?


Name the two baseball teams that compete in the TV show from which this image is taken.

22. Kevin Costner Baseball Movies I: What cocky young pitcher is Crash Davis assigned to prepare for the majors?

23. Kevin Costner Baseball Movies II: In "Field of Dreams", players return from the dead to play in Ray Kinsella's field. One great player, who still holds the record for lifetime batting average, wanted to come. However, as Shoeless Joe Jackson described it, "None of us could stand the son of bitch when we were alive, so we told him to stick it." What player was thus denied?

24. Kevin Costner Baseball Movies III: What film began shooting at Yankee stadium days after the Bombers' triumph in the 1998 World Series?

25. In what film does Tommy Lee Jones say, "Baseball was 100% of my life"?


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