Creatures from a Thousand Worlds

Because a lot of the visitors to this site are science fiction fans, I try to have at least one SF-related quiz every month. Sorry that I've been slacking - the last SF quiz was some time ago. To make it up to you, my loyal reader, both this week's and next week's are genre-related (next week's a Babylon 5 quiz!)

For this one, please identify the following creatures by name, home world, race and film/TV show, as indicated. All these critters are from the fifties, sixties or seventies; a quiz for the eighties and nineties will be around eventually. As an added hint, none of these beasties are from Star Wars - Lucas' space fantasy will be amptly covered in three or four brain bogglers that'll be posted in the weeks just before The Phantom Menace is released in May.

Have fun.

1. Name race, homeworld and movie (15 pts total)

2. Identify race and movie (10 pts total)

3. Provide race and TV series (10 pts)

4. Name TV series and episode title (10 pts)

5. Name race and movie (10 pts)

6. Give creature name and movie (10 pts)

7. Provide creature name, home planet and movie name (15 pts)

8. Supply world of origin and movie title (10 pts)

9. Name race and movie (10 pts)

10. Provide given name, superhero alias, and home world (15 pts)

11. Name planet of origin and movie (10 pts)

12. Name home planet and movie (10 pts)

13. Give name, home planet and TV series (15 pts)

14. Supply planet name and movie (10 pts)

15. Name movie (5 pts).

16. Give race and movie title (10 pts)

17. Give planet and movie title (10 pts)

18. Identify film (5 pts)

19. Name film (5 pts)

20. Identify film (5 pts)


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