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1a. 20th century Warner Brother's cartoons, such as "Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2 Century".

1b. Daffy Duck.

2. The ones we know about are listed below. Pts. were given for any of these, and it wasn't necessary to provide character names and episode titles, but we're doing that here to show off:

i. Bill Mumy (B5: Lennier / ST:DS9: Engineer Kellin in "Siege of AR-558")

ii. Majel Barrett (Roddenberry): (B5: Lady Morella in "Point of No Return"; ST (various): assorted computer voices, Lwaxana Troi, Nurse Chapel, No. 1, animated alien voices, etc.)

iii. Robert Foxworth (B5: General William Hague / ST: DS9: Admiral Leyton). Robert Foxworth is a bit controversial. Instead of reprising his role as General Hague he took a role on Deep Space 9 as a rogue Starfleet admiral in a "7 Days in May" episode. His character was killed off instead.

iv. Walter Koenig (B5: Bester/ST: Chekov)

v. Andreas Katsulas: (B5: G'Kar / ST:TNG: Cmdr. Tomalak)

vi. Tracy Scoggins (B5: Captain Elizabeth Lochley / ST: DS9: Gilora Rejal in "Destiny")

vii. Patricia Tallman (B5: Lyta / ST: Generations: stuntwoman; ST:DS9: an unnamed nurse; ST:TNG: an alien impersonating a Romulan in "Timescape")

viii. (Julie) Caitlin Brown (B5: Na'Toth ("Tragedy of Telepaths"); Guinevere Corey ("There All the Honor Lies") / ST: TNG: Vekor ("Gambit, Pt. 2"); DS9: Ty Kajada in "The Passenger")

ix. Adam Nimoy (B5: "Passing Through Gethsemane (1995)" and "Z'ha'dum (1996)"/ST:TNG). Also a director.

x. Kim Friedman (B5: "Shadow Dancing" / several episodes of ST: Voyager and DS9).

xi. Richard Compton (B5: 5 episodes in 1994 / ST: TOS: Washburn in "Doomsday Machine"; Technical Officer in "Enterprise Incident"; also, ST: TNG)

xii. Mary Kay Adams (B5: Na'Toth / ST:DS9: Grilka in a couple episodes).

xiii. Jesús Salvador Treviño (B5: Thirdspace / ST: DS9: "Sons and Daughters", "The Begotten"; ST: Voyager: "Day of Honor"). Also a director.

xiv. Michael Vejar (B5: Call to Arms; In the Beginning; Crusade / ST: DS9: "Empok Nor", "Rocks and Shoals", and "Darkness and the Light, The"; also, ST: TNG). Also a director.

xv. John Schuck (B5: Draal in a couple episodes / ST: IV and VI: Klingon ambassador).

xvi. Marie Marshall (B5: Dodger / ST: TNG: Kelsey in "Starship Mine").

xvii. Robin Curtis (B5: Ambassador Kalika / ST: movies: Lt. Saavik)

xviii. Carolyn Seymor (B5: senator in "Endgame" / ST: Voyager: Mrs. Templeton, plus various TNG episodes).

xix. Tony Todd (B5: a captain in "A Call to Arms" / ST: several roles on DS9 (Kurn and Jake as an adult), and ST TNG (Kurn). Pam says: "He's everywhere." Thanks to Pam Richards []

xx. John Vickery (B5: Neroon / ST:TNG: A Betazoid in the episode "Night Terrors").

xxi. Dwight Schultz (B5: the episode "The Long Dark" / ST: TNG: Barclay).

xxii. Brad Dourif (B5: Brother Edward from "Passing through Gethsemane" / ST: an insane Betazoid permanently confined to his quarters for murder, who helped free Voyager from Kazon capture in "Basics" (1 and 2)).

For vii, and xx - xxii, thanks to Liz Kopec.

xxiii. Dwight Schultz (B5: 2nd season ep. "The Long Dark" / ST:TNG (et al.) Lt. Barclay).  Thanks to Philosopher Socrates.

xxiv. Michael Ansara played the Klingon Kang in ST "The Day of the Dove," ST:DS9 "Blood Oath" and ST:VOY "Flashback" AND Jeyal in ST:DS9 "The Muse," and in B5, played Elric.  Thanks to Steve Barry.

xxv. Jeffrey Combs played Harriman Gray in the B5 episode "Eyes" / In ST:DS9 he was Weyoun, Tiron and Brunt in various episodes; he was also Penk in the ST:VOY episode "Tsunkatse"; Shran in ST:Enterprise episodes "The Andorian Incident" and "Shadows of P'Jem"; and Krem in the ST:Enterprise episode "Acquisition". For this one, thanks to Chris McNair.

If there are others which aren't listed here, please email me.

3. Yugoslavia. The specific part is Croatia, but Mira refuses to say she is from Croatia, because that would be taking sides in a heart-breaking war. She insists that she is from Yugoslavia and her country does not exist anymore. Nonetheless, full credit given for either Yugoslavia or Croatia.

4. Flounder.

5. Foundationism.

6. Dodger

7. Gold channel.

8. Epsilon 3 in the Epsilon Eridani star system.

9a. The left ear.

9b. She gave it to her brother before he went to fight the Minbari.

10a. 6.

10b. 1.

11. Delenn's sleeve is red in "Babylon Squared", but is a different color in "War Without End."

12. Franz

13. Arisia 3.

14. Nightwatch.

15a. Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert.

15b. His cat and dog who are trying to take over the Universe.

16. In "A Voice in the Wilderness" (Part I) they are walking through the Great Machine inside Epsilon 3. There is a quick slot of them on a walkway with large shafts that obviously go down to a great depth, just like the old Krel machinery in Forbidden Planet.

17. Narn colony in Quadrant 14. The B5 Security Manual says that this is a Ganymede colony, but that's wrong.

18. Nine.

19. Xon


Peter Jurasik (i), Hill Street Blues (c)

Andrea Thompson (ii), NYPD Blue (e)

Jeff Conaway (iii), Taxi (f)

Bruce Boxleitner (iv), Scarecrow and Mrs. King (b)

Tracy Scoggins (v), Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (d)

Stephen Furst (vi), St. Elsewhere (a)

21. c.

22. Thenta Makur.

23a. "Why?"

23b. "Because it tells me to."

24. Wet socks.

25. Julie Musante; As for the other part, I tried to be pretty liberal scoring. Here is the Lurker's guide summary of the scene: Sheridan takes Musante into his quarters, where he fixes her a drink. While he is busy, she takes the opportunity to undress, and comes over to him. He tries to refuse her advances, but changes his mind and lunges into a deep kiss with her when an image of Ivanova appears. She soon vanishes when she sees what she interrupted, and Sheridan breaks out of the embrace. He quickly enters another room, where Ivanova is waiting. She tells him that she knows where the First Ones are, but they will have to hurry. He says he is occupied, but tells her to contact Garibaldi. She begins to tell him about Clark's message, but doesn't have time. Musante calls out to him, and Ivanova knows she has to leave. "Good luck, Captain. I think you're about to go where everyone has gone before." She vanishes just as Musante enters. Musante is quite perplexed when he hurries out again.

The guide doesn't mention it, but Sheridan looks down at Musante, says that she must be cold, and excuses himself to go check the environmental controls.



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