Oscar, Oh Oscar!

In celebration of the Academy Awards, which were handed out Sunday nite, here's a trivia quiz about Oscars and this year's nominated movies. For a complete list of nominees, click here.

Have fun.


1. What two people are nominated this year for playing the same character?

2. What prize does Giosue's father (played by best actor, director, producer and script-writer nominee Roberto Benigni) say he will win if he plays the game correctly in Life Is Beautiful?

3. Who played the Reliable TV Repairman in Pleasantville?

4. What is the original title of the draft version of Romeo and Juliet in Shakespeare in Love?

5. In The Truman Show, what is Truman shocked, utterly shocked, to see that his wife (played by Laura Linney) was doing in their wedding photos?

6. Best Picture nominee The Thin Red Line re-creates what World War II battle?

7. What film, with 7 Oscar nominations, garnered more noms than any other foreign-language movie?

8. Who are the only actors to win Best Actor Oscars two years in a row and for what did they win?

9. What does Jacob (Billy Bob Thornton) want to do with his share of the money found in the crashed plane in A Simple Plan?

10. Whom does Elizabeth succeed on the throne?

11. What film based on a novel by Jules Verne won an Oscar for best picture?

12. What is Captain Miller's (Tom Hanks) term for the homemade explosives, which are partly made out of socks, used in the concluding battle in Saving Private Ryan?

13. During the bar fight in A Bug's Life (nominee for best musical or comedy score), what does Francis the Ladybug use as a sword?

14. Life Is Beautiful is simultaneously nominated for both Best Picture and Best Foreign Language Film. What was the last film to achieve this feat?

15. Who provided the voice of the Pharaoh Seti in The Prince of Egypt?

16. What does George Clooney throw on the sidewalk at the beginning of Out of Sight? (Hint: It's not Batman's cowl.)

17. Titanic is the top-grossing film to win an Oscar for Best Picture. What is the second?

18. In terms of Oscar-winning, what do Woody Allen, Kevin Costner, Clint Eastwood and Warren Beatty have in common?

19. What was the last G-rated movie to win an Academy Award for Best Picture?

20. The American Film Institute last year listed the 100 best American movies of All-Time. The Top Ten are listed below. Of these ten, how many won an Oscar for Best Picture?

1 Citizen Kane

2 Casablanca

3 The Godfather

4 Gone With the Wind

5 Lawrence of Arabia

6 The Wizard of Oz

7 The Graduate

8 On the Waterfront

9 Schindler's List

10 Singin' in the Rain.

For answers click here.

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