Rhymes with "HEE HEE"

This quiz is just like quiz 76, which was words/phrases that rhyme with "Ho Ho." Both of these quizzes are meant to be fun to be asked aloud, in a small crowd with people shouting out their responses.

Have fun.


1. Pellet gun

2. Memo sent to one more person (who usually tosses it)

3. Ended 2000 years ago

4. Originally broadcast "Upstairs, Downstairs"

5. Your whole life on one page

6. Enemy at Saigon

7. Electrical current of invariant magnitude

8. Killed the LP

9. Really yummy chicken fajitas

10. Dee who sang with Elton John

11. Mel Brooks said girls had this kind of envy

12. "Thank Heaven for Little Girls" movie

13. Nation of 322 Pacific islands

14. Wore tiny bowtie and played with a talking chair

15. Pointy Indian dwelling

16. Microbial lung disease

17. An average American will see 16,000 murders on this by age 18

18. Used for fortune telling, or making a pleasant drink

19. Hunted fossils in Olduvai Gorge

20. Yarmulke, or babies selling like hotcakes

21. Blue creatures who hate music

22. Rodent sprinter

23. Turning a bicycle into a unicycle

24. "Brave New World" entertainment

25. Didn't have to pay to get it

26. Sang "Stayin' Alive"

27. Extreme nervousness

28. Truckers' radio

29. Stumpy stunt plane

30. NY club where Talking Heads made it big


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