What is XEvil? XEvil is a shamelessly violent computer game developed by Steve Hardt where you can kill, kill, kill or be killed.


To download XEvil for Windows or Linux or access the code, please visit the XEvil homepage, click here.

Since XEvil and the XEvil source code are shareware, please send a $20 check or money order made out to "Steve Hardt" at XEvil, P.O. Box 391530, Mountain View, CA 94039-1530

XEvil character profiles

I am in the process of doing these for the various beings in XEvil who you can be or kill. Here is a sample, a character known as "Walker," which is a robotic tank with a human brain hardwired inside.

The deadly ninja:

The Ninja and many other Frank Wu images are available on T-shirts, etc. at Cafepress.

Here is one of the machine guns used in XEvil:




XEvil background tiles

Feel free to copy and distribute as much as you want, so long as you credit me (Frank Wu), who made these. To see more of my science fiction, fantasy and horror art, click here.


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