artwork (c) Frank R. Paul estate

Back Cover Art by Frank R. Paul for January 1941 Amazing Stories, illustrating "City on Venus."

The text says, "In this vivid imaginative painting, Artist Paul draws upon scientific facts to depict a city on Earth's sister planet. It is a city of web-foot people built in a watery world."

The black-and-white creatures, which seem to be like overgrown seals, are obviously the crowned princes of this world.  The pterodactyl is feeding one; another lounges in the lower left, as if on holiday; the creature like a plesiosaur with a hadrosaur's duck-billed head is giving half a dozen of them a ride; another pterodactyl ferries one of the chubby seals through the sky.  One wonders if these seal-like creatures are so chubby since all the other animals are doing their exercising for them. - F.W.

The next month Paul treated his readers to this image:

Back Cover Art by Frank R. Paul for Feb. 1941 Amazing Stories, illustrating "City on Jupiter"

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