artwork (c) Frank R. Paul estate

Art by Frank R. Paul for January 1941 Science Fiction Magazine.

Anton Brzezinski did a marvelous little painting reproduction of this cover art.  And Anton's painting, which was in Forrest J. Ackerman's collection, was on sale at eBay, with an opening bid of 99 bucks. 

Interesting use of color to direct the eye: Although the gray missile on the left is closer to the viewer (note the perspective), the ship on the right draws our attention.  This is because of the green color, in contrast to the brilliant red of the sky; everything else is grayed out so it's not distracting.  The laser beam, missile exhaust plume and line of the vessel's boom also all converge in the front part of the green ship.  The drawing in this piece is interesting, too.  Note the knobs and ridges on the plating in the front of the missile.  Also, the green vessel has what appear to be treads (landing skids?) under the main body, and what appears to be a tiny wheel like that on an airplane at the end of its boom.  This makes the whole thing look sort of like a floating snub-nosed airplane without wings. Hmm. - F.W.

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