artwork (c) Frank R. Paul estate

Cover art by Frank R. Paul for June 1935 Wonder Stories, illustrating "Seeds from Space" by Laurence Manning.

From the story:

"Good God!" he said and stepped back, all the horrors of the night before vividly recalled to mind. And as he spoke, the light darkened at the glass doors and he glanced up startled to see the three trees entering the room solemnly in single file. He says that their main roots bent like knees and the tangle of smaller rootlets slopped down soddenly as they walked, like a forkful of hay.

"Welcome back, man!" said the first tree and "welcome" echoed the other two as they stood in a line looking at him.

"What.... who are.... I've gone off my head!" muttered poor Blenkins, feeling the sweat start coldly down his forehead. ...

"What... who... what sort of Thing are you?" [Blenkins] whispered painfully.

"We are vegetables, in your language. Possibly trees, though we cannot be sure. Your books seem to describe only the lower orders of vegetable life. Possibly we are animals. When we had been through the small primers and others of your books we found the dictionary, which was most thorough and helpful. All three of us read this through page by page last night. Animals seem, according to the dictionary, to be many things - but active and sentient, as distinguished from vegetables. We are active and sentient, yet the pictures of animals seem quite different from us, and many of the vegetables look somewhat like us - so we are uncertain as to our status."

At this point Blenkins pressed his hands to his head in despair. "I must have a drink after all."


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