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Andy Martin got the most correct answers (34 pts out of 40). Congrats, Andy.


The correct answers are:

1. Harlan Ellison, On the Slab

2. Ray Bradbury, The Veldt

3. Isaac Asimov, Robbie

4. Robert Bloch, A toy for Juliette.

5. Philip Jose Farmer, Riders of the Purple Wage

6. Robert Sheckley, Specialist

7. Mike Resnick, Kirinyaga

8. Shirley Jackson, One Ordinary Day, With Peanuts

9. Howard Waldrop, Do Ya, Do Ya, Wanna Dance?

10. Mark Leyner, Fugitive from a Centrifuge

11. Avram Davidson, The Golem

12. Harlan Ellison, Django

13. James Patrick Kelly, Think Like a Dinosaur

14. Theodore Sturgeon, Microcosmic God

15. Arthur C. Clarke, Nine Billion Names of God

16. Connie Willis, Last of the Winnebagoes

17. Richard Matheson, Born of Man and Woman

18. Pat Cadigan, Dispatches from the Revolution

19. Esther M. Friesner, Death and the Librarian

20. Ray Bradbury, The Million-Year Picnic

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