Approximately one million thanks to Jim Terman, of Jim Terman's famous Babylon 5 webpage, for helping out this week. The entire quiz is worth 250 pts.

Have fun.


1a. What is Michael Garibaldi's second favorite thing in the Universe? 5 pts (no points for guessing his first)

1b. What cartoon character's picture hangs in his quarters? 5 pts

2. There are at least 18 actors/actresses who have appeared in both Star Trek (any series or film) and Babylon 5. Some of these are admittedly obscure, so we'll only ask you to name 5, for 2 pts/person.

3. In the fourth season, Ambassador Delenn must return to her homeworld of Minbar to end the civil war there. From what strife-torn country does the actress Mira Furlan, who plays Delenn, originally come? 10 pts

4. What was the nickname of Stephen Furst's (Vir Cotto) character in the movie National Lampoon's Animal House? 10 pts

5. What religion is Dr. Franklin? 10 pts

6. In the episodes "GROPOS," Garibaldi has a fling with a Marine. What has her name? 10 pts

7. What is the highest priority com channel, for military use only? 10 pts

8. Around what planet (5 pts) in what star system (5 pts) does Babylon 5 orbit?

9a. On which ear does Susan Ivanova wear an earring? 5 pts

9b. What happened to the other earring? 5 pts

10a. How many, ummm, sexual appendages does a male Centauri have? 5 pts

10b. The use of each appendage represents a different level of pleasure. What level has Vir reached? 5 pts

11. Name a costume inconsistency between the episode "Babylon Squared" and "War Without End." 10 pts

12. Lise Hampton is the love of Garibaldi's life. What was the first name of her first husband? 10 pts

13. What colony is Marcus Cole from? 10 pts


This is the emblem for what organization of informants? 10 pts

15a. What nationally syndicated cartoonist had a cameo on Babylon 5? 5 pts

15b. What was his character looking for? 5 pts

16. Which B5 episode had a tribute scene to the 1950's movie classic Forbidden Planet? 10 pts


In this image the Shadow ship is destroying what colony? 8 pts

18. How many brothers does Zathras have? 10 pts

19. What intelligent race on Centauri was destroyed by the Centauri? 10 pts


20. Match the actor/actress on Babylon 5 (i-vi) with the T.V. series (a-f) that he/she was/is a regular on (2 pts each):

i. Peter Jurasik

ii. Andrea Thompson

iii. Jeff Conaway

iv. Bruce Boxleitner

v. Tracy Scoggins

vi. Stephen Furst


a. St. Elsewhere

b. Scarecrow and Mrs. King

c. Hill Street Blues

d. Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

e. NYPD Blue

f. Taxi


21. Kosh speaks! Which of these quotations did Kosh NOT say? 10 pts

a. "Understanding is a three-edged sword."

b. "The avalanche has started. It is too late for the pebbles to vote."

c. "Answers do not bring understanding."

d. "You have always been here."

e. "When the long night comes, return to the end of the beginning."


22. Members of what Narn assassin's guild leave a black flower on their intended victims before striking? 10 pts

23a. What is the one word that magician Zooty has spoken to his partner Reebo in ten years of working together? 5 pts

23b. What is the one phrase that Zooty said to Captain Sheridan? 5 pts

24. What does Sheridan hang in his shower every day before leaving for work? 10 pts

25. In this image, a woman is unsuccessfully trying to seduce Sheridan. How does he get out of this situation? (5 pts) Name the woman for another 5 pts.

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