Auburn, California

The statues are naked. This really surprised us. We had heard about the giant statues of Auburn and made a special side trip to see them. We knew they were huge, some 30 or 40 feet tall, and we knew that one guy (dentist Kenneth H. Fox) had made them all, so that sounded fun and good, but we didn't know they were quite unclothed. Unexpected this was and unfortunate. It made it difficult to get photographs that weren't too... personal, especially of Mr. Prometheus. While we were there, no one else was looking at the... statues, either. We didn't stay long.

On the other hand, if you're attracted to such things...

GIANT NAKED STATUES, Auburn, California

Site visited August, 1998. No fee. Statues are scattered around town. Some (the ones pictured here) are behind his dentistry office at 391 Auburn Ravine Road. A 70-ton figure of a Chinese railroad worker recently moved to a site near the Auburn Chamber of Commerce on Lincoln Way. A 45-ton statue of Claude Chana, who discovered gold in Auburn, stands in Old Town.


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