artwork (c) Frank R. Paul estate

Back cover art by Frank R. Paul for November 1940 Amazing Stories, illustrating "Life on Titan."

The text reads: "In this imaginative painting, artist Frank R. Paul has pictured his conception of the possible life forms that may inhabit Titan, the largest of the satellites of Saturn. Titan is larger than our moon, but how much larger is not definitely known. Some scientists believe that Saturn itself, a huge world, still retains enough heat of its own to radiate to its satellites, and thus make it possible that they support life forms. Mr. Paul imagines Titan as a primitive world, inhabited by ... lizards and dinosaurs. A world of swamps and of ferocious beasts and giant plants."

Another really strong composition from Paul; notice how the rifleman at the very bottom is placed exactly where the base of the monster's neck meets the edge of the crashed spaceship.  The viewer's eye follows a circuit from him up the neck to the month's head, which in turn points to the men in the open hatch; the wriggling tree branches lead our eye from then back down to the lone rifleman.  Very strong composition. - F.W.

This image was reproduced on the cover of the March 1966 cover of Fantastic Stories:

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