artwork (c) Frank R. Paul estate

Cover art by Frank R. Paul for Fall 1932 Wonder Stories Quarterly.

Science fiction writer Frederik Pohl once noted that Frank R. Paul "was probably the first human being ever to make a living drawing pictures of spaceships." (The Science Fiction Roll of Honor, 1975, Random House, N.Y., p. 223-224)  When I was in high school, and Star Wars was huge, being a Ralph McQuarrie or Chris Foss making a living drawing pictures of spaceships would have been a dream-life.  Two and a half decades later, it still would be.

Norman Brosterman sent me a mystery Paul:

Note that the planet - Mars? - looks the same in both images.  Does anybody have an actual copy of the Fall 1932 issue of Wonder Stories Quarterly, and could you please check to see if this illo is in it?  Norman and I would be much obliged.  Thanks.

Email me.

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