More pictures of me (Frank Wu) and assorted important and upcoming sci-fi and fantasy writers, editors and artists, whom I have had the pleasure of consorting with.  

On one miraculous day, May 3, 2003, we got to go to the Locus magazine 35th anniversary party at Borderlands Books in San Francisco, with authors Connie Willis, Terry Bisson, Kim Stanley Robinson, Lisa Goldstein, Gary K. Wolfe and G. David Nordley in attendance, along with Locus editor himself Charles N. Brown.  Then after that we - we being Lori Ann White, Gary Shockley, Jim Terman and Rebekah Jensen and I - got to go to the birthday party of Samantha Ling.  This was held at a magnificent Moroccan restaurant where I had the best shrimp I've ever had (and I know shrimp), and a belly dancer danced with everyone.  The funnest birthday party I've been to in a long time.


Connie Willis (R) gave a hilarious monologue roasting Charles N. Brown (L). She said that no matter how many good fotos were taken of her, the ones that appeared in Locus were always the ones where she had one eye open and she was drooling.  So here we see Charles holding a drawing of him done for the occasion by Bob Eggleton, and he posed with one eye open and drooling. 

Connie noted that Charles hates to be called Charley, and then proceeded to call him Charley the rest of the day.  She had visual aids - held up by her daughter Cordelia - modeled after Steinbeck's Travels with Charley.  Many of her stories involved Charley back-seat driving.  She said it was so bad that on the next trip she was going to stop the car and leave him in the middle of nowhere.  Maybe somewhere like Roswell.  She's even arranged to have him picked up. 

 Tim Pratt and Heather Shaw.  Tim Pratt is, among many things, a poet and a writer whose story "Little Gods" was nominated for a Nebula this year.  Tim's had a regular and very cool series of poems (a Bestiary!) at Strange Horizons and he edits Starline, journal of the Sci-Fi poetry association. He's also going to write a poem for The Exquisite Corpuscle group project; Heather's going to do a story for this project.  Heather's first pro fiction sale (congrats!) was on Strange Horizons three months ago.


Kim Stanley Robinson, who apparently likes to be called Stan.  Stan told all these stories about trading music with Charley. 


Lisa Goldstein, author of a number of novels, most recently The Alchemist's Door.

Locus staff joined the panels at the table.  Back row from L: Jennifer Hall (editor), Tim Pratt (editorial assistant), Carolyn Cushman (who's been with Locus for years), Kirsten Gong-Wong (editor) and Liza Groen (new editorial asst).  Front row from L: Lisa Goldstein, Terry Bisson, Gary K. Wolfe, and Charles N. Brown.


 G. David Nordley (who goes by "Gerry") was also there, and I had a nice chance to chat with him.  I've had the pleasure of being on a panel with Gerry at BayCon.  I asked him if he had any ideas about panels for this year's BayCon.  He said a cool title would be: "Oh No Lord Vader, Don't Blow Up Alderaan... Ah (Gurgle)."  Or something like that.  The idea was that the panel would be about being in the military and questioning the commands of superior officers when they conflict with your personal ethics.  Gerry himself was in the army from, I think he said, 1969 to 1990, and retired as a Major.  During Viet Nam, he was in a radar installation in Alaska, really close to the Soviet islands.  He was closer to the Rooskies than to any of his own bases.  And they didn't really have any weapons, so the Russians, if they were going to start anything, could and would take their ice station radar really easily.

Terry Bisson.  I think some of his writings - esp. "They're Made Out of Meat" are the funniest sci-fi ever written, this side of Robert Sheckley.  I've read his stories aloud at birthday parties, to much delight, and even brought a copy of "Meat" in case he wanted to do a reading.  Or could be talked into it.  Alas, there really wasn't the right situation for it.  Oh well.   Next time. 



Samantha Ling and the belly dancer.  I first met Samantha at PhilCon late one night when it was, well, really late, and somehow or other we wound up yelling "Stuff!" at each other.  I don't really remember how that happened.  But now it's the standard greeting - so if you see her at a con yell "Stuff!" at her. 

Me and the belly dancer, whose name may or may not be Princess Kashmir. 

Gary Shockley gives the belly dancer a tip. 

As does Jim Terman...



Indexed list of fotos of me and luminaries (number indicates the page they're on):

Forrest J. Ackerman 1, Daniel Abraham 5, Carlo Arellano 2, Art car artists 3, Kage Baker 3, Greg Bear 10, Gregory Benford 5, Terry Bisson 9, Diana Blackmom 8, Ken Brady 8, Kent Brewster 2, (I'm Just a) Bill 3, Jae Brim 2 5, David Brin 7, Charles N. Brown 9, William Brown 1, Tobias Buckell 5, Jim Burns 8, John Burridge 8, Erwin Bush 2, Chris Butler 3, Ted Chiang 6, Eric Choi 7, Andy Clarkson 2, Hal Clement 5, Julie Czerneda 1 (big head Julie) 4 7, Ellen Datlow 5, John DeChancie 3, Kim DeMulder 7, Vincent DiFate 1, Cory Doctorow 5, James S. Dorr 6, Denise Duff 2, Bob Eggleton's hair 5 10, Harlan Ellison 7, Marina Fitch 2, Frank Kelly Freas 1 3 5, Esther Friesner 7, Susan Fry 5, Chris Garcia 10, Michelle Garrison 8, Lisa Goldstein 9, Kirsten Gong-Wong 9, Kelly Green 10, Joe Haldeman 6, Jennifer Hall 9, Russ Heath 4, Barb and JC Hendee 8, Alea Henle 6, Jay Arr Henderson 1, Raechel "Roach" Henderson and Matt Moon 5, Howard Hendrix 10, Nina Kiriki Hoffman 1 8, Rob Hole Jr. 10, iguana 5, Rebecca Inch-Partridge 1 5 10, Alex Irvine 5, Jaws 5 10, Rebekah Jensen 1 5 10, Lindsey Johnson 1 4 5 8 10, Tim Johnston 2, Mark R. Kelly 5, David Kile 7, James Killus 3, Jay Lake 4 8, Geoffrey Landis 8, Warren Lapine's hair 5, Deb Layne 8, Lenora Rose 6, Aurora Lemieux 8, Natasha Levitan 10, Val Lakey Lindahn and Ron Lindahn 1, Samantha Ling 9, David Marusek 5, Fiona McAuliffe 4, Tiffanie McCoy 5, Terry McGarry 8, Jessie McKenna 4, Besty Mitchell 8, Syne Mitchell 8, Mary Anne Mohanraj 2, Mike Moscoe 8, Derryl Murphy 2, G. David Nordley 9, Jerry Oltion 4, Kathy Oltion 4, Diana Paxson 10, Karen Perry 2, Bill Pierce 5 10, Tim Powers 1 2, Sergey Poyarkov 2, Ken Rand 8, Jonathan Richman 6, Kim Stanley Robinson 9, Dianna Rodgers 8, Rhea Rose 8, Deborah J. Ross 10, Rowena 7, Robert J. Sawyer 7, Ken Scholes 8, Liz Shannon 8, Heather Shaw 9, Robert Sheckley 6, Gary Shockley 5 9, Robert Silverberg 7, S.N.Arly 6, Wen Spencer 5, Ted Stetson 8, Carel Struyken 7, Patrick and Honna Swenson 2 8, Isaac Szpindel 7, Jason Taniguchi 7, Bruce Taylor 8, Jim Terman 1 5 9 10, Helen Thompson 6, Mark Tiedeman 4, Bjo Trimble 5, Jeffrey Turner 8, Carol Ullman 6, James Van Pelt 6, Carrie Vaughn 10, Vernor Vinge 5, Ray Vukcevich 1 4, Lara Wells 5, Ken Wharton 1 3 4 5, Leslie What 8, Michael Whelan 8, Lori Ann White 1 2 3 5 6 8 10, Connie Willis 5 9, Eric Witchey 2 4, Jason Wittman 6, Gary K. Wolfe 9, William F. Wu 3, Susan Yi 5, Melissa Yuan-Innes 1.

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