More pictures of me (Frank Wu) and assorted important and upcoming sci-fi and fantasy writers, editors and artists, whom I have had the pleasure of consorting with.  




Dinner with (clockwise): Lindsey Johnson, top of Jim Terman's head, Chris Garcia, Natasha Levitan, Lori Ann White (holding napkin which she will shortly make a chicken out of), Jaws.

Jaws, Bernadette, Greg Koster, Kelly Green (wearing a Speculations T-shirt), Rebecca Inch-Partridge, a rare foto of Rob Hole, Jr., Sean Klein, and Lindsey Johnson (holding her own napkin chicken).

Clockwise: Top of Rebecca Inch-Partridge's head, Rob Hole Jr., Sean Klein, Lindsey Johnson, Jim Terman, Chris Garcia, Natasha, Lori Ann White, Jaws.

Gary Shockley fed chocolate at a party orchestrated by Sean Klein, by his wife Lori Ann White

Bill Pierce and Rebekah Jensen hang at the chocolate party. 

Just to prove that at BayCon I did things other than just eat chocolate and go to dinner...  Here's a foto from a panel about "The Single Book That Most Influenced Your Writing."

Dianna Paxson, Howard Hendrix, Deborah J. Ross, Greg Bear



Jim Terman and I went on a week and a half road trip that took us through seven states, fossil-hunting for fish and dinosaurs, checking out an airplane museum, a dino park, Spiral Jetty, Carhenge, Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse, a mastodon site, and all sorts of other coolness.  Fotos will be posted shortly.  The last stop was a visit with writer Carrie Vaughn.  Carrie wrote the story "Silence Before Starlight," which I illustrated when it was published in Talebones magazine.  Carrie's also had a bunch of stories in Realms of Fantasy, Weird Tales and other places.  Right now she's shopping around a couple novels.  One is inspired by a bit of Greek mythology (but I don't think I should spill any more beans than that).  The other is based on her published character Kitty Narville, the werewolf with her own radio talk show, whose adventures have appeared/will appear in Weird Tales.  Carrie's website - a virtual playground - is here, btw.

Carrie let me meet her horse Rosie, whom Carrie's had for years. 

Carrie and I drove around talking about the business of being a creative person, going to cons, and about the social aspects of being an almost famous rising star.  She said that every once in a while she gets weird emails from guys who read her stories and then go on as if they really know her because she must be like the main characters in her stories.  Well, being a guy, I can understand that sort of thing...

Carrie and I drove around and we saw a car coming in the opposite direction flashing its lights at us.  Then we realized what this meant: Big animal in/near the road.  So seconds later, we saw a big, big elk browsing a couple feet away from the side of the road.  Big enough to total a car if we hit it. 

Carrie also took me to the Stanley Hotel.  This was one of Stephen King's inspirations for writing The Shining.  His original idea was to have a family trapped in an amusement park, and then he saw a sign saying that a road near the Stanley was closed in the winter, and the rest is history.  The 1997 TV remake of The Shining was filmed here. 

Here's a chubby little fellow Carrie and I met as we were walking around a park.  Isn't he cute, begging for food?  Well, he was cute, but we knew better than to feed him anything (you do too, don't you?). 



A big highlight of this con came when Nina Kiriki Hoffman insisted that I have a hair war with Bob Eggleton...  Lroi Ann White tossed her big red hair into the ring, too.  Bob and I had previously had a hair war at the pre-Hugo party at ConJose, so it was fun to have a re-match. 

You want some of this?  How 'bout you?  Hrah!  Hrah! 






And then the armistice following the conflict:





Indexed list of fotos of me and luminaries (number indicates the page they're on):

Forrest J. Ackerman 1, Daniel Abraham 5, Carlo Arellano 2, Art car artists 3, Kage Baker 3, Greg Bear 10, Gregory Benford 5, Terry Bisson 9, Diana Blackmom 8, Ken Brady 8, Kent Brewster 2, (I'm Just a) Bill 3, Jae Brim 2 5, David Brin 7, Charles N. Brown 9, William Brown 1, Tobias Buckell 5, Jim Burns 8, John Burridge 8, Erwin Bush 2, Chris Butler 3, Ted Chiang 6, Eric Choi 7, Andy Clarkson 2, Hal Clement 5, Julie Czerneda 1 (big head Julie) 4 7, Ellen Datlow 5, John DeChancie 3, Kim DeMulder 7, Vincent DiFate 1, Cory Doctorow 5, James S. Dorr 6, Denise Duff 2, Bob Eggleton's hair 5 10, Harlan Ellison 7, Marina Fitch 2, Frank Kelly Freas 1 3 5, Esther Friesner 7, Susan Fry 5, Chris Garcia 10, Michelle Garrison 8, Lisa Goldstein 9, Kirsten Gong-Wong 9, Kelly Green 10, Joe Haldeman 6, Jennifer Hall 9, Russ Heath 4, Barb and JC Hendee 8, Alea Henle 6, Jay Arr Henderson 1, Raechel "Roach" Henderson and Matt Moon 5, Howard Hendrix 10, Nina Kiriki Hoffman 1 8, Rob Hole Jr. 10, iguana 5, Rebecca Inch-Partridge 1 5 10, Alex Irvine 5, Jaws 5 10, Rebekah Jensen 1 5 10, Lindsey Johnson 1 4 5 8 10, Tim Johnston 2, Mark R. Kelly 5, David Kile 7, James Killus 3, Greg Koster 10, Jay Lake 4 8, Geoffrey Landis 8, Warren Lapine's hair 5, Deb Layne 8, Lenora Rose 6, Aurora Lemieux 8, Natasha Levitan 10, Val Lakey Lindahn and Ron Lindahn 1, Samantha Ling 9, David Marusek 5, Fiona McAuliffe 4, Tiffanie McCoy 5, Terry McGarry 8, Jessie McKenna 4, Besty Mitchell 8, Syne Mitchell 8, Mary Anne Mohanraj 2, Mike Moscoe 8, Derryl Murphy 2, G. David Nordley 9, Jerry Oltion 4, Kathy Oltion 4, Diana Paxson 10, Karen Perry 2, Bill Pierce 5 10, Tim Powers 1 2, Sergey Poyarkov 2, Ken Rand 8, Jonathan Richman 6, Kim Stanley Robinson 9, Dianna Rodgers 8, Rhea Rose 8, Deborah J. Ross 10, Rowena 7, Robert J. Sawyer 7, Ken Scholes 8, Liz Shannon 8, Heather Shaw 9, Robert Sheckley 6, Gary Shockley 5 9, Robert Silverberg 7, S.N.Arly 6, Wen Spencer 5, Ted Stetson 8, Carel Struyken 7, Patrick and Honna Swenson 2 8, Isaac Szpindel 7, Jason Taniguchi 7, Bruce Taylor 8, Jim Terman 1 5 9 10, Helen Thompson 6, Mark Tiedeman 4, Bjo Trimble 5, Jeffrey Turner 8, Carol Ullman 6, James Van Pelt 6, Carrie Vaughn 10, Vernor Vinge 5, Ray Vukcevich 1 4, Lara Wells 5, Ken Wharton 1 3 4 5, Leslie What 8, Michael Whelan 8, Lori Ann White 1 2 3 5 6 8 10, Connie Willis 5 9, Eric Witchey 2 4, Jason Wittman 6, Gary K. Wolfe 9, William F. Wu 3, Susan Yi 5, Melissa Yuan-Innes 1.

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