Pub. Year

Magazine or Book


Illustrated story or book

2013 Amazing Stories COVER Giant Laser Tank
2013 Space and Time COVER Reprint of "Earth 2.0" cover
2012 Earth 2.0: Prison Planet Cover William Johnson
2010 Realms of Fantasy April 2010 Interior "Hanuman's Bridge" by Euan Harvey
2010 Realms of Fantasy Feb. 2010 Interior Melanie, for the story by Aliette de Bodard
2010 With a Little Help COVER One of several covers done for Cory Doctorow's book
2009 Philcon T-shirt art Rock Band Unity Bonus
148 2008 Drink Tank #158 cover Dragon Girl, done with Brianna Flynt.
146-7 2008 Rustycon program book cover Reprint of Jules Verne image; "Cloud Dragon Skies" reprinted on back cover.
145 2008 Feline Mewsings fanzine cover CATHUHLU
143-4 2007 MileHiCon program book cover Reprint of Ad Astra.on cover and The Scent of Rotting Roses reprinted as an interior. "Cloud Dragon Skies" was used as badge art.
142 2007 The Drink Tank, issue 146 fanzine cover The Harlanator
141 2007 PrintZine New Series 3 Chris for TAFF fanzine cover Dinosaur roaring "Chris for TAFF"; also, reprint of robot with sandwich board.
140 2007 PrintZine New Series 2 Chris for TAFF fanzine cover Martian War Machine
138, 139 2007 Askance, Nov. 2007, issue No. 5 fanzine cover and back cover Viva Askance! (front cover) and Rock 'N' Roll Romance (back cover)
137 2007 LASFS Bookmark Bookmark
136 2007 Feline Mewsings, Nov. 2007 fanzine cover Cat Utopia
132-135 2007 The Drink Tank, issue 139 fanzine Four pieces for the "Cocktail" issue
131 2007 Vegas Fandom Weekly (VFW), issue 100 fanzine Monster bathing in pool at Caesar's Palace (p.73); and Chris for TAFF art (p. 26).
130 2007 LOCs project, ed. Brad Foster fanzine Leapfrogging Otters Caper Swiftly
129 2007 The Drink Tank, issue 135 fanzine cover When Dinosaurs Ruled the Midway
128 2007 The Drink Tank, issue 134 fanzine Disco Dodo (with Derek McCaw)
127 2007 Seattle 2011 Worldcon Bid Worldcon bid "Needle Beetles"
126 2007 The Drink Tank, issue 131 fanzine I'm in ur fanzine stealin ur egoboo
125 2007 Seattle 2011 Worldcon Bid Worldcon bid I.S.Z. (Imperial Star Zeppelin) "Sasquatch", commanded by Wiberg the Conqueror.
121-124 2007 Visual Journeys, ed. Eric Reynolds Book Reprints of "Indifference," "Derelict," "Resurrection Man" and "Ad Astra."
120 2007 Gnomeward Bound Westercon Progress Report Cover Gnome v. Ant
118-119 2006 Argentus #6 Fanzine cover, interior "Killfish" (cover); Illo for Christopher J. Garcia's article on "BARTCON"
117 2006 Estronomicon Christmas issue Ezine interior A Very Guidolon Christmas
116 2006 ...And Furthermore, issue 23 Fanzine cover Dinosaurs Playing Guitar
115a-d 2006 Bellwether live journal Button art "Hugging Good, Grabbing Bad." Also art for: "I'm Friendly, Just Not Huggy" and "Keep Yer Hands to Yerself - All of 'Em"
98-114 2006 Greetings from Lake Wu, super luxury limited edition, Traife Buffet, haute biblio Special edition book Reprint of Greetings from Lake Wu, but in full color, in hardcover, with really nice slipcase with irridescent Thai silk.  Also includes reprints of "Sweet Zombie Lincoln on the Moon," "Welcome Aboard" and "Stolen Car."
97 2006 The Drink Tank, issue 68 Fanzine cover Chris Garcia spitting out fanzines (reprinted in issues 122 and 157). I also did various cartoons for "Chris for TAFF" which appeared and re-appeared in The Drink Tank, PrintZine, Vegas Fandom Weekly, etc.
96 2006 Miscon program book cover art Con program book cover art BBQ'ing redshirts
95 2006 Radcon program book cover art Con program book cover art "Sweet Zombie Lincoln on the Moon"
94 2006 The Drink Tank, issue 64 Fanzine interior "Guns in the Ground"
93 2006 Estronomicon issue 1


Ezine cover First publication of "A Long Time Ago When the Earth Was Red."
92 2006 Arisia 2006 science fiction convention program book cover art Con program book cover art "Collect the Whole Set!" This program book also reproduced "Derelict," "Losing Memories", “Tower of Babel”, "SMS Koenig v. Sea Dragon" and "Vessel of Heaven".
86-91 2006 Fantastic Stories (magazine died and art never published) Cover and interior illos (5) The illustrated stories include "Increments" by Robert Frazier, "The Case of the Haunted City" by Josepha Sherman, "Through the Looking Glass" by Terry McGarry, "Iron Horse" by Shariann Lewitt, and "Cast a Cold Eye" by William Barton.
85 2008 The Exquisite Corpuscle Book  interior "Exquisite Corpuscle"
84 2005 The Drink Tank, issue 59 Fanzine cover "KillFish"
83 2005 Strange Horizons Illustration "Cloud Dragon Skies" by N.K. Jemisin
82 2005 Splash page art "Bad Staff" (a variation on Stored Dreams”)
81 2005 Ion Trails In-flight Magazine Magazine cover "Welcome Aboard." Cover for the humorous "in-flight" magazine ION TRAILS for the WSFS Armadillo, for Worldcon 2005 in Glasgow.  This painting is now in the Science Fiction Museum in Seattle.
80 2005 How I Helped the Chicago Cubs (Finally!) Win the World Series Hardback book cover

Novel by Harper Scott, for Aardwolf Press

79 2005 Baycon program book cover art Con program book cover art "Stolen Car." Also, Baycon T-shirt and badge art. Also, "Dragon v. Spinosaurus" is printed for the first time on the back cover of the program book.
78 2005 Cthulhu Senryu Chapbook cover Cover for chapbook of humorous Cthulhu haiku by Nick Mamatas
77 2005 The SFWA Bulletin Cover "Derelict," for the SFWA (Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America).  This painting is now in the Science Fiction Museum in Seattle.
76 2005 The Drink Tank, issue 10 Fanzine cover "Drink Tank"
75 2005 Steven Silver's fanzine Argentus, Special Edition (Guide to Gameshows) Cartoon "No, I'm sorry."
74 2004 San Diego Westercon 2006 Progress Report. Cartoon Hunka Hunka Burnin' Love (Elvissaurus)
73 2004 LAConIV (worldcon) website Illo "Heroes" (illo for worldcon website splash page, Oct. 2004)
72A 2005 Reprint of "Paradise Passed" Worldcon Program Book interior Reprinted in "Splitting Infinity," the program book for the 2005 Worldcon, Interaction, in Glasgow
72 2004 Paradise Passed by Jerry Oltion Book Cover Wheatland Press book
71 2004 Klingon Language Institute Post Card "I Want You" (in color!).  For use in promoting the film Earthlings: Ugly Bags of Mostly Water.
70 2004 Bone Sprockets by G. O. Clark Book Cover Reprint of edited version of "Witching Hour" (color illo)
69 2004 Nth Degree magazine Cover "Breakdown"
68 2005 The Drink Tank, issue 59, cover Illo "Killfish"
67 2004 BASFA (Bay Area SF Assoc.) Illo BASFA ("Alien Shoreleave")
66 2004 Fundamentally Challenged anthology Cover "Mama, Put My Trees in the Ground"
65 2004 Klingon Language Institute Journal Cover "I Want You" (in black and white)
64 2004 Gothic Wine Cover Aardwolf Press book Gothic Wine
63 2004 Star*Line poetry magazine no. 27.2 Cover Reprint of "The Sad Girl"
62 2004 Talebones no. 28 Cover "Ad Astra"
61 2004 San Diego 2006 WesterCon Art "The Lounge Lizard, Elvissaurus, or Dino Marino"
60 2004 Challenger fanzine no. 20 Cover "Red Baron v. Red Dragon" (also for "Dragon v. Dreadnought")



Fantastic Stories

Mag. Interiors (4)

Witching Hour” by Mary Catelli

“Meme” by Jeff Carlson

SysOp” by Catherine Wells

White Hotel” by Alan Dean Foster



Talebones no. 27

Mag. Interior

"Gordy Taber was Afraid" by Diana Sherman

54 2003 Star*Line poetry magazine no. 26.4 Cover Reprint of portfolio piece "Indifference"
53 2003 Ralan's Webstravanganza Web published art "Stealing Toads" by Eric Witchey
52 2003 Strange Horizons Membership card "SMS Koenig v. Sea Dragon" (also for "Dragon v. Dreadnought Project")
51 2003 Emerald City fanzine, no. 98, reprinted as cover of special issue no. 100 Cover "The Emerald City with Hidden Spaceships"



Greetings from Lake Wu

Book cover and Interiors (13)

Collection by Jay Lake including stories:

Angle of My Dreams

Courtesy of Guests

Eglantine’s Time


“The Goat Cutter”


Jack’s House

Love is the Plan

“Murasaki Doctrine”

The Passing of Guests

The Scent of Rotting Roses

Tall Spirits, Blocking the Night

Trick of Disaster




Book cover

Anthology edited by Mike Jasper



On Spec

Mag. Cover

"Evil Fairy Godmother" reprinted in color



Fantastic Stories

Mag. Interiors (2)

Gravesend” by Tom Piccirilli

Stored Dreams” by Mark Fewell



The Vessel of Heaven  

eBook cover

eBook by Jamie Rosen



Talebones no. 26

Mag. Interior

"Forever Sleep" by Jennifer Rachel Baumer


Fall 2002

Talebones no. 25

Mag. Interior

"Event Horizon" by Sean Klein


Spring 2002

Talebones no.24

Mag. Interior

“Build Me” by Ilsa Bick



Echo and Narcissus  

Book cover

Book by Mark Siegel  


Winter 2001

Talebones no. 23

Mag. Interior

"Silence Before Starlight" by Carrie Vaughn



Hamlet Dreams

Book Cover

Book by Jennifer Barlow


Fall 2001

Talebones no. 22

Mag. Interior

"The Good Daughter" for the story “The Yard God” by James Van Pelt



Strange Horizons

Ezine Interiors (2)

"Slugball," by Mark Hoover



The Best-Known Man in the World

Book Cover

Book by Daniel Pearlman         


2001 (?)

SF magazine Darkling Plain

Mag. Interior

"Losing Memories" by K. Bird Lincoln


March 2001

WillyCon 2001 SF con program book cover

Program book Cover

Entitled “Girls/Guns


Spring 2001

Fantastic Stories

Mag. Interiors (12)

Karuna, Inc. (4)

Cloning Jesus (2)

Joey's Machine (2)

LifeForce (2)

Cindy (2)



Writers of the Future, Vol. XVI book

Book Interior

“Guildmaster” by Dan Dyson


Fall 2000

SF print magazine Talebones no. 20

Mag. Interior

"The Sad Girl", for the story "Blood Culture" by Eric Del Carlo

6A 2004 Reprinted as cover of Star*Line Poetry magazine Cover (reprint) "The Sad Girl"


Summer 2000

SF print magazine Darkling Plain

Mag. Interior

“Tower of Babel” by M.L. Ching


Spring 2000

Australian print SF magazine Altair

Mag. Interior

"Colors of Pain" by Lyn Nichols and Ron Collins



E-Scape no. 14 (?)

Ezine Interior

Resurrection Man” by David Hill



E-Scape no. 12

Ezine cover

“Primavera” (Cover)



E-Scape no. 10

Ezine interior

Haunting Miranda” by Pam Chillemi-Yeager


I've also submitted additional art to Ken and Aileen Forman et al.'s upcoming fanzine "Corrupt Marquee," to Chris Garcia's fanzine "The Drink Tank", to Chaz Baden's "The Bear Went Over the Mountain" fanzine; and I thought it would be fun to submit a piece for Pat and Dick Lupoff's fanzine "Xero," which hasn't been published in 40 years.  My Klingon girl image "I Want You" was also used in the film Ugly Bags of Mostly Water, about the Klingon Language Institute.



1a 2007 The Director's Cut of The Tragical Historie of Guidolon, the Giant Space Chicken 11 min. Shown at various sci-fi conventions and film festivals. Watch it on YouTube!!!



The Tragical Historie of Guidolon, the Giant Space Chicken

11 min.

Shown at:

- Licensing International Show (NY, June 20-22)

- Conestoga (Tulsa, OK, July 29), where it won (1) Best Animation and (2) Best in Show, an award they've never given before.

- KTEH (San Jose PBS station, Aug. 19), broadcast premiere.

- Worldcon (LACon IV, Anaheim, Aug. 25)

- Los Angeles Independent Film Festival (Sept. 15), where it won Best Animation

- New York Independent Film Festival (Nov.)

- Science Fiction Short Film Festival, Seattle (Feb 07)

See the animation on YouTube!




3 2007 Abyss & Apex Short Story "Love and Death in the Time of Monsters"
2 2007 Visual Journeys, ed. Eric Reynolds, Hadley Rille Books Short Story "Worlds in Collusion: A Planetary Romance" (in press)



Daikaiju! Giant Monster Tales, ed. Robert Hood and Robin Pen, Agog! Press


"The Tragical History of Guidolon, the Giant Space Chicken" (first published story)

See the animated version on YouTube!

In addition, Julie Czerneda wrote me into a chapter of her novel, Migration: Species Imperative #2, the chapter "Encounter."  I command my own starship, just like Sulu!  I die a heroic death.  I bought that Tuckerism at a charity auction at Toronto Trek 2003.



I have a bit part as a homeless person in the short Saving Pockets (2005), created as part of the 48 Hour Film Festival (San Francisco).  In my fifteen-second scene, we the homeless summarize six of the seven deadly sins. (See fanzine Drink Tank #37.)



For notes about what I'm up to right now please visit the index page.



I finished the year with 25 publications, including five covers, plus the Greetings from Lake Wu book! Plus my first story accepted for publication, and my first stint as an editor.  Read on!

I did a piece - filled with hidden images of spaceships, vehicles and buildings - for Cheryl Morgan's fanzine Emerald City Cheryl said she was going to use it for the cover of her upcoming special anniversary issue no. 100 (in Dec. 2003).

I also finished up a cover for the fanzine Challenger - for issue no. 20.  I'll also be doing art for the fanzine File 770.

Due out at the end of October is the book Greetings from Lake Wu, a collection of stories by Jay Lake and art by me.  This book - published by Wheatland Press - will also see the print debut of my portfolio piece "Love Is the Plan - The Plan Is Death," inspired by the James Tiptree, Jr. story.  I did this piece back in 1998 or thereabouts, so it's nice to see it finally published.  The book is due out this fall at the World Fantasy Con (over Hallowe'en), but meanwhile here's the cover illo:

The book is also being sold in a special very limited (26 copies!) Box of Wonders edition in a handmade wooden box, with the book, a set of color prints of the illos, a bag of tchotchkes (hand-picked from fossils, crystals, coins, medallions and other cool little bits), the only copy of a one-off story by Jay about a letter from the alphabet, and an accompanying one-of-a-kind illo by me.

HIDDEN IMAGES!  Last year I completed a large project for Fantastic Stories magazine.  This was going to include illustrations for several stories.  The large, full-page illustrations for four of the stories would fit together into a single larger image.  This would be constructed by carefully tearing out four pages of the magazine and re-arranging them to make the larger picture.  Unfortunately, since I completed this project, DNA Publications, which publishes Fantastic, Dreams of Decadence, Weird Tales, Science Fiction Chronicle, and several other magazines has undergone some financial difficulties (as have we all).  The four illos that make the one larger one are now going to be divided between two different issues.  Darn.  These are the four images all together: "Stored Dreams" can be seen here; "The Witching Hour" is here; "Sysop" is here; "The White Hotel" is here.  

Suddenly I'm controversial!  Didn't mean to be.  But my illo "Evil Fairy Godmother", reprinted on the cover of the current issue (Spring 2003) of ON SPEC magazine has got some people all in tizzy.  Strange how when originally printed in Fantastic Stories, nobody cared.  Click here to find out what people are upset about.

Earlier this year, I did the cover for the e-book The Vessel of Heaven by Jamie Rosen, published by Jintsu (an electronic imprint from Eggplant Productions); it's just come out now. 

I also painted an illo for Talebones magazine for a story by Jennifer Rachel Baumer called "Forever Sleep."  I also have a new assignment from Talebones for a story by my pal Diana Sherman. 

I also did the Black and White cover for the anthology Intracities, which has stories of writers writing about their hometowns.  This is edited by Mike Jasper and the authors are: Mark Siegel (Phoenix, AZ); Mary Madewell (Las Vegas, NV); Chris Babson (Fuquay, NC); Melissa Yuan-Innes (Montreal); Claude Lalumière (Montreal); Jay Caselberg (London); Heather Shaw and Tim Pratt (Oakland,CA); Jason Erik Lundberg (Cary, NC); Paul E. Martens (Rensselaer, NY); Jay Lake (Portland OR); Jeffrey Turner (Fort Worth, TX); Rachel S. Heslin (Big Bear, CA); Peter Hagelslag (Novorossiysk, Russia). 

Intracities cover

I'm an editor now too!  In addition to all my work as an illustrator, along with author Jay Lake I am editing an anthology called The Exquisite Corpuscle, to be published fall of 2004 by Wheatland PressThis is based on the Surrealist game "The Exquisite Corpse" in which a group of people contribute to the construction of a single collaged entity.  So what we have is three tag-teams of seven people each, starting with the phrase "the exquisite corpuscle" and then we see where it goes.  I started with an illustration, and then passed that on, for inspiration, to award-winning author Gary Shockley, who will pass his story on to Tim Pratt, etc.  Some of the other folks who will be contributing artwork, stories and poems to this project are Jay himself, Christina Sng, Diana Sherman, Ben Rosenbaum, Bruce Holland Rogers, Heather Shaw, Mike Jasper, Ken Brady, Greg van Eekhout, Kristin Livdahl, Maggie Hogarth, Mary Anne Mohanraj, Alan DeNiro, Aurora Lemieux, and Nigel Sade.

I am also an author! All my life I have wanted to have a science fiction story published.  I've had other writings published - scientific articles on DNA replication in bacteria; scientific humor in The Journal of Irreproducible Results and The Annals of Improbable Research; plus various non-fiction pubs; plus fiction on the web.  But no print science fiction pubs!  Well, now I can say I've made it!  I have - tentatively - sold my novelette "The Tragical History of Guidolon, the Giant Space Chicken" to the Daikaiju (giant monster) anthology.  This antho is scheduled to be printed in 2005, and the final decisions will not be made until Nov. next year.  However, one editor said he "loved" it and the other was "very positive".  I can't wait to see this in print!

In addition to getting a story accepted, I had a couple other "lifelong dreams" happen in the last few months - hunting for fish fossils and dinosaur bones (in Wyoming), and playing in a band (I played congas).  So life is good.

Also, while this is not a publication, I want to announce that I have established the MiNoFF - the Middle of Nowhere Fan Fund - intended to send a needy American fan living in the middle of nowhere to get to a sci-fi con.  If you're interested, click here.


I wrap up the year with four publications, including a book cover; plus 27 in the wings for next year. 

Published in December was a painting for a story by Sean Klein called "Event Horizon," which involves both Columbus and ring singularities (rotating black holes), which may be a gateway to another universe. This is for Talebones magazine.

Published earlier this year was my acrylic painting-sculpture illustration for a story by Ilsa Bick, who was in the same Writers/Illustrators of the Future class as me.  Her story for Talebones magazine is called "Build Me."  Every time I do an illustration I try to do something I've never done before.  Sometimes this means something more colorful or more sentimental or more monumental than before.  This time I am doing a work more disturbing and frightening than before - it has screaming baby faces and weird, sculpted baby hands reaching out toward the viewer.  Talebones editor Patrick Swenson liked it so much that he used it for mini-posters at NorwesCon advertising an evening of readings called "Talebones Live."  

I completed a second project for Fantastic Stories (the print SF magazine formerly known as Pirate Writings), to do an entire issue of interior art.  I got to illustrate stories by Alan Dean Foster, Tom Piccirilli, Jeff Carlson, Mary Catelli, Mark Fewell, and Catherine Wells. My over-arching plan is this: Each of the stories gets one full-page illo and a smaller illo.  After you are done reading the magazine, you can pull it apart and assemble the four of the full-page illos together into one larger image. 

I also finished up work on a large acrylic painting (24 x 36) for the cover for the third book to be published by Aardwolf Press, the first novel, Echo and Narcissus, by Mark Siegel.  

I have another big project in the pipeline.  This is a collection of stories by Jay Lake and art by me, to be published by Wheatland Press.  We have decided on the title, Greetings from Lake Wu.

Also out earlier this year was the second issue of the print sci-fi magazine Darkling Plain, which contains my rune-filled illo for K. Bird Lincoln's story "Losing Memories."


I finished the year with a total of 22 publications!  These included illos for four different magazines, a con program book where I was Artist Guest of Honor, and two book covers!  ... My final credit of 2001 was my 29th pub over all: an acrylic painting (with an astronaut kissing a spacebabe!) for the story "Silence Before Starlight" by Carrie Vaughn for the print sci-fi magazine Talebones, issue no. 23.  ...  Recently published was my irresponsibly colorful cover for Hamlet Dreams, Jennifer Barlow's first novel, from Aardwolf Press. ... Also out recently is a piece of art I call "The Good Daughter" for Talebones issue no. 22, for a touching story by James Van Pelt - a story I sincerely believe should be nominated itself for a Hugo for Best Short Story. ... 

Earlier in 2001 I saw the publication of my two illustrations of a girl with a gun for the story "Slugball," by Mark Hoover, in two May issues of Strange Horizons ezine.  Part of the fun of doing that one was designing a hi-tech dart gun. I had wanted to draw cool guns ever since I noticed that one of the credits on the Japanese anime movie Akira was for a "weapons designer" (what a cool job title).  One of my "Slugball" images is now available on a mug, T-shirt (long and short sleeve), ladies' T-shirt, sweatshirt, and tote bag.  For a short time, it was even available as a Christmas ornament; this seemed odd, since Christmas ornmanents should promote peace on earth and good will toward man, and perhaps best not to feature a girl with a gun. Nonetheless, this is my first bit of merchandising.  However... Shortly, there will be "Slugball" beanie babies, "Slugball" bubble bath and "Slugball" Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots. Just kidding - but I feel almost like Lucas. ... 

Also published in 2001 was the first book from the new imprint Aardwolf Press, a collection of short stories entitled The Best-Known Man in the World by Daniel Pearlman; it has a cover by me. ... The project before that depicted alien runes and ruins for a story called "Losing Memories" by K. Bird Lincoln; this was for the second issue of a new print SF magazine called Darkling Plain, due out eventually, as the editor is now in law school. I really enjoyed doing that piece, as I got to make up my own language.  ... At the beginning of the year I finished the main poster for the WillyCon 2001 sci-fi convention, where I was Artist Guest of Honor. This piece depicts girls with guns and after months of hemming and hawing I eventually decided to call it "GIRLS/GUNS".   Click here to see a special inside peek into the making of the WillyCon poster, since people keep asking me how I do my art.  ...  Published at the end of February was the Spring 2001 issue of Fantastic Stories, formerly known as Pirate Writings.  For that issue, I got to do 12 illustrations (all the interior art!).  I took off a month from my day job in biotech patent law to do that project.  ...  


The piece I called "The Sad Girl", created for the print magazine Talebones for a story called "Blood Culture" by Eric Del Carlo, was published in issue no. 20. ...  My award-winning illustration for the story "Guildmaster" by Dan Dyson, was in the anthology, Writers of the Future, Vol. XVI ... Summer 2000 saw the premiere issue of the new SF print magazine Darkling Plain.  This features my illustration for a re-telling of the destruction of the Tower of Babel, written by Michael Lane Baker.  (A larger, revised and corrected version of this image was printed in the Spring 2001 Fantastic Stories, too.)  Congratulations to the DP editor, David M. Cox, on the birth of his grand new magazine  ...  

My first print publication was in issue No. 5 (Spring 2000) of the Australian print SF magazine Altair.  It features interior BW art by me for a story called "Colors of Pain" by Lyn Nichols and Ron Collins.  The illo depicts a man recently and unhappily turned into a vampire and the wary and frightened looks of people who pass him on the street.  

That's a total of 4 publications in 2000. 




Miki Garrison wrote a short bio about me for the program book for MileHiCon 2007, where I was Artist Guest of Honor.

A 2003 interview I did for Joe Mahoney at Torcon was dusted off after I won my second Hugo Award in 2006.  It's an audio interview and you can hear it here. Another interview that Joe did of me and Alan F. Beck [who won an award for Best Body of Work (!) at the 2006 Worldcon) can be heard here

Christopher J. Garcia, editor/writer of The Drink Tank and Claims Department, wrote an article about me for the Arisia 2006 science fiction convention program book.  He also wrote a nifty article about my efforts to bring forth "Guidolon, the Giant Space Chicken" in SF/SF (Science Fiction / San Francisco), #16. A variant of this article as re-pub'd as the new Introduction in the new Limited Edition of Greetings from Lake Wu from Traife Buffet.

Tom Pokey, at Retro Rockets Weekly on May 31, 2005 (Episode 2), posted an audio "podcast" of a review of this very website.

When I was Artist Guest of Honor at Baycon 2005, Lori Ann White and Gary Shockley wrote this wonderful little article about me.

The Mouthpiece, issue 6 of the official newsletter for Baycon, Sunday evening May 29, 2005, published an interview of me taken by Hilary Ayer.

The Christian Fandom website posted an interview of me; you can read it here.

This site was the Sci-Fi Site of the Week for Feb. 28, 2005.  Here is a nice little article written about these pages.

An interview of me has been posted at issue 2 of Lenox Ave, a new ezine. For the text of the interview, click here.

For an earlier interview, check out Artist Interviews, Jan. 2003 issue. I talk about art, music, and being a Christian.  You can read the text here

Bay Area TV producer Natasha Levitan has made a half-hour documentary about me.  It is the first episode of a new local TV show called Modern Masters. My episode has aired repeatedly on Cupertino, California, cable TV, and will shortly also be broadcast in Mountain View, California, and in other areas.  Please contact me if you would like a copy. (December, 2002)

Dave Romm of KFAI-Radio Minneapolis, who runs the Shockwave weekly sci-fi radio show, interviewed me at World Fantasy Con '02. The interview is now available via RealAudio here. (Posted Nov. 11, 2002).

Marsdust (July 1, 2002) posted an interview of me, too. Read the text here.

Strange Horizons posted an interview of me done by Terry Hickman (May 2002). Read the text here.

At BayCon 2002 I gave a slide show and they wrote a very nice article about me in the con's twice daily newsletter (May 2002).

The Sunnyvale Sun published an article about me after I won the Illustrators of the Future Grand Prize (Oct 2000).

Etc.: A foto of Bob Eggleton, Warren Lapine and I flinging our long hair at each other was published in the November 2002 Locus magazine; you can also see the picture here.  A foto of me sitting with Frank Kelly Freas and Laura Brodian Freas appeared in the Oct. 2002 issue of Locus (page 9).  We are celebrating Kelly's 80th birthday (congrats!) and  you can see the blue hair I had done up especially for WorldCon.  I also appear in a group shot (page 71) with the other nominees for the Hugo award for best fan artist.  The first time I was in Locus was in the May 2002 issue (page 12) as I stood in for Julie Czerneda at the Philip K. Dick awards - and held a huge cardboard cut-out of Julie's face. 




Fan writing is a noble, wonderful tradition that I am proud to be part of.  The following pieces by me have been published in various fanzines.  I also note several articles related to me written by Christopher J. Garcia and Kelly Green or others that appeared in his fanzine The Drink Tank (the title is a typo for the "drunk" tank).


Abyss and Apex (Oct. 2007): Standing Down (editorial)

And Furthermore #24: LOC containing the lyrics to a song I wrote in 1988: "Whenever You're Near."

And Furthermore #25: LOC in which I discuss what I consider the five greatest Rock and Roll songs of all time.

Argentus #6: Numbers Don't Lie; also, a LOC.

Chunga #11: LOC (letter of comment) in which I blow the lid off Chunga's secret plan to take over the world and kidnap Jan Peter Balkenende, prime minister of the Netherlands and President of the European Union.  This is also the ish that has a color foto of me dead asleep on the floor after the grueling Scotland worldcon.

Drink Tank #24: BayCon preview (by CG)

Drink Tank #25: BayCon recap (by CG)

Drink Tank #26: Alternative History (in which I argue that, if Hitler had stayed an artist instead of trying to conquer the world, he would have become Frank R. Paul)

Drink Tank #30: All's Fair in Love and Awards

Drink Tank #33: I Once Was Lost, But Now Am Found

Drink Tank #35: Corrections to previous two articles.

Drink Tank #36: Make Art, Not War

Drink Tank #37: Everything Except Gluttony (comments on filming the short film "Saving Pockets")

Drink Tank #38: Worldcon recap (by CG)

Drink Tank #39: Worldcon recap by Kelly Green; corrections by yours truly of as-yet-unpublished Drink Tank issues 74, 153 and 244.

Drink Tank #45: Happy Birthday, Thunderbird 2!

Drink Tank #46: Corrections

Drink Tank #55: LosCon recap, with comments by Kelly Green on the dramatic reading of my story, "The Tragical History of Guidolon, the Giant Space Chicken"

Drink Tank #56: My Five Favorite Historical Oddities

Drink Tank #59: Cover Art; A Fighting Chance: A Remembrance of Robert Sheckley

Drink Tank #60: So long, 2005 - You Really Sucked

Drink Tank #64: Various drabbles (articles of exactly 100 words) on Aeon Flux, truth in movie titles, a crazy prediction, fears, and the circle of jobs.

*Drink Tank #76: This is How We Make the Movie (on making the "Guidolon, the Giant Space Chicken" animated short.)

Drink Tank #77: LOC from Robert Hole, Jr., commenting on my article in ish 76.

*Drink Tank #80: Managing to Lead (more on making Guidolon)

*Drink Tank #81: Micromanaging and Macroleading (more on making Guidolon)

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